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5 Reasons He Is Losing His Erection Too Soon

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Back in 2017, Ayushmann Khuranna and Bhumi Pednekar starrer Shubh Mangal Saavdhan brought the topic of erectile dysfunction to the forefront. Prior to that, the dialogue on it was only had in locked bedrooms or at the gynaecologist’s office. That movie normalised the problem and made people understand that there is no reason to be embarrassed of it.

It doesn’t have to be a long-term condition. Sometimes, there are phases when a guy isn’t able to get or maintain an erection. And it doesn’t mean he is not attracted to you. In his head, he could be wanting to have crazy hot sex with you, but his penis decides to act like an independent entity that doesn’t want him to get any. It can make you feel self-doubt and wonder if it’s you that turned him off or if he doesn’t want you enough. But before jumping into baseless conclusions, cut the man some slack and understand the reasons behind his biscuit getting soggy too soon.

  1. Too much alcohol

I know it’s hard to believe because we assume that alcohol makes you horny, and partly, that’s true. One drink of vodka and I could be getting wet just going through Jason Momoa’s Instagram profile. But here’s the thing. When we have a lot of alcohol in our system, our nerves tend to get numb. This makes it difficult for him to come or maintain an erection in the first place. Like humans, drunk penises are barely able to stand!

  1. He is nervous

If he is nervous about pleasing you, he can feel like he has 10 cameras pointed at him and his dick. Some people don’t perform well under pressure, and I know because I almost failed my Physics test in board exams due to exam anxiety. His fight or flight response will be triggered and his erection will choose to abandon him.

  1. He is stressed

There are so many things we have on our minds. Maybe he had a bad day at work. Maybe he is stressed about a fight with a colleague or a pending report he has to submit. Stressors make it hard for a man to get hard.

  1. He is emotionally distant

You know there are times when you’ve had a fight with bae and made up but still have things on your mind. In those times, it gets difficult for you to orgasm and the same rule applies to him. If he is feeling emotionally distant, it’s a possibility that he will lose erection too soon.

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  1. Insecurity

Women don’t have a monopoly over body-image issues. Men too feel conscious of their bods and need compliments to feel good. They too want to feel appreciated. Whether he is worried that he is not big enough or he is just conscious of the extra inches around his tummy, it could be playing in his head. And on his erection.

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