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5 Reasons Exploring Sexual Fantasies Can Bring You Closer To Each Other Emotionally

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In this period of lockdown, memories are all I have. There’s porn too but memories really inspire the wetness between my legs. Do you think about those really special sex sessions with bae when you were totally out-of-control? It’s funny that the ones that stay with us long after we’ve come, worn our clothes, left and gone ahead with our lives, are those when the sex was rather sizzling hot. It’s those times that you tried a new sex position, he discovered a new erogenous zone on your body or you did something you never thought you’d.

When I started getting adventurous in bed, it really heightened my excitement towards sex. We love it but the kind of sex that turns you on even when you think about it many days later is what I am talking about. Living your fantasies with each other can give you that kind of sex life and bring you so much closer as a couple. Sex isn’t just about lust; it’s about building a bond, intimacy and so much more. Here’s why I feel that exploring your fantasies with bae can bring you emotionally closer.

1) It breaks the monotony of a sex routine

A monotonous sex routine is like having the same dal makhani every day. Now even though you really love it, at some point you’ll get bored and crave some pizza. When we allow ourselves to get settled into a routine, it means we’ve stopped investing effort in each other and that’s how relationships begin to get stale. But exploring fantasies will keep the spark alive. It definitely is reassuring when you know your partner is putting effort and is super excited to try things with you.

2) It builds trust between partners

I won’t even play hide and seek with someone I can’t trust, at least not the second time! But we explore our deepest and most hidden fantasies only when we know the trust is only going to grow. The first time you try it, you’re nervous but then eventually you know that you and your secrets are safe!

3) It breaks down judgement and inhibitions

Fantasies are supposed to be not-so-vanilla! Whether you’re into BDSM, roleplay or exhibitionism – exploring these can help you drop your inhibitions with each other. This will increase the intimacy between you two. So you can be yourself and feel completely unhesitant!

4) You feel you’re on the same page

You may have had different fantasies and fetishes but now you’re working as a team to be a power couple. You’re in it because you’re open to trying new things – like what he likes and what you like. You’re enjoying this newfound togetherness!

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5) You both are learning together

A lot of couples join dance classes together or develop a new hobby so they can feel like two peas in a pod. Who said it can’t be exploring new kinky things in bed? You do you. Learning new moves and discovering new concepts for sex can be a thrilling experience that you’ll be sharing. It’s bound to bring you closer and bond over great discoveries and some things to laugh about.

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