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5 Passionate Zodiac Signs Guaranteed To Give You A Good Time!

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Sometimes, I wonder, what happens when you marry someone without having sex and they turn out to be crap in bed? Then you’re just stuck with it. What if they are not wild enough or don’t have a good enough libido? Sure, those things can be worked on. At least that’s the hope. Else, you probably have to spend a fortune on sex toys, because orgasms are important. Do you know that some people are born to be wild in bed? Apparently, the zodiac sign you’re born under says a lot about how passionate you are in sex. Here are 5 Zodiac signs that are the most wild in bed.


People born under the sign of Aries are adventurous in bed. They have no qualms in trying out a variety of sexual moves, as long as their needs are being met. If you are up for a quickie, and willing to pleasure an Aries, be ready for a hot, roller-coaster ride that will leave you gasping for breath!


Are they animalistic in bed? No! But kinky? A thousand times, yes! Cancerians are sensitive lovers; you won’t find them tearing your shirt off and pinning you to the wall. However, expect them to caress you, kiss you and touch you in such a sensual way that foreplay alone will have you feeling hot as hell. Hand-holding has never been more erotic with any other zodiac sign! But don’t misunderstand, they are not just made of all things sweet. Expect handcuffs, role-play and sex positions that will blow your mind!


Leos are the royalty of Zodiac and they make it known even in their sex life. Expect grand romantic gestures – candles, music and wine. They will make you feel like the luckiest person on this earth and then once you start making love, you will see them transform into a wild princess! There’s so much passion, that you will probably not leave the bed without the exchange of several love bites! Sure, later it will hurt and you’ll have to stay covered till they disappear. But the sex is so worth it.


The thing with Scorpio is that whatever they do, they do it with full passion. And if they are doing the love of their life, fasten your seat belts because it will be one hell of a ride. They will try different positions and put efforts in pleasing you. They probably love their kisses to be French and nobody can do rough sex better than them. What makes it even better? The cuddles after a rough sex-sesh!

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Like their fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius too are adventurous when it comes to sex. Add to it the fact that they are bold and confident and you get a sexual partner that will be up for anything! Their confidence makes them perform even better. They will pull off moves that till date you had only witnessed in porn. However, they like to play with fire, and if you begin to get settled into the same old missionary, you will be swapped for a new toy!

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