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5 Not-So-Obvious Signs He Likes You Too

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As someone who has met her share of heartbreak-causing men, I am surprisingly optimistic about love. Just the other day I was talking to a friend and he was telling me how a person shouldn’t let their past experiences affect their present. Well, ideally but when has life ever been so tamed and perfect? It has a knack of going around whacky wild getting us all confused and clueless about things that happen to us, things we feel and things we do. We look for signs when there are none and ignore the flags when there are plenty. Do you think a commitment-phobe wants to be afraid of intimacy? It’s the past damage that made him that way! Me? I have found the best thing ever. I have learnt to heal! And that has helped me remain optimistic about love and relationships.

And why not? When your love is reciprocated, it feels beautiful. You find that you’re not insecure as a person but uncertainties make you go crazy! We are not perfect and we’ve definitely not achieved enlightenment! But love that is returned, a relationship that offers you peace, security and stability will make you grow as a person. You will thrive; you will flourish! And you will be happy it didn’t work out with anyone else. It will restore your faith in love.

I really hope and wish this for all of us. And while we are out there, in the dating pool, if we fall for someone, I hope they fall for us too! If you like someone and want to know if he likes you too, here are 5 signs that say yes he does! Maybe you are moving towards a spectacular phase in your life.

  1. He mirrors your body language

I swear, I vouch for this one. In fact, it is valid across relationships, this is the sign. If you are sitting with your best friend at a restaurant, if you pick your beer and take a sip, she will too and vice versa. We mirror the body language of people we are close to. So if he is standing there, taking a sip each time you do, know that he is totally digging you!

  1. There’s no such thing as spending too much time together

If a guy is into you just casually, he will give his time sparingly and according to his convenience. Now unless you guy is a busy one or wants to go at snail speed, he will be generous with his time and enjoy every bit of your company. You met just last week and he still wants to see you again. In fact, he is practically running out of excuses at this point. If he calls you up and the conversation just flows, he’s definitely not keeping an account of how much time you are spending. You telling me this guy doesn’t like you? BS! It’s a sign you’re not willing to believe, methinks.

  1. He is not afraid to double text

I hate the fact that dating is often seen as a game and two players are trying to keep the ball in their court. But he is not here to play with you. He likes you, genuinely! So if you miss a text or if you didn’t respond for a while, he doesn’t keep his ego above texting you again. He is craving your attention and company as much as you are seeking his.

  1. He wants to do mundane things with you

A guy who likes you just enough to go to pubs with you doesn’t quite like you. He wants to do mundane things with you. If you have to go to the supermarket, he doesn’t mind pushing around the trolley with you. If you have to go buy a dress for your friend’s birthday, he doesn’t mind joining. If you need company for your friend’s house party, he is there!

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  1. He doesn’t give cryptic responses and openly shares

A guy will show his vulnerable side if he genuinely likes you. He feels comfortable with you. He trusts you and he wants to start something new on the foundation of honesty. So when you ask him something, he gives you the true answer and not the one that makes him sound cool. That’s definitely a sign.

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