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5 Funny Situations In Which Every Girl Lies To Her Boyfriend!

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No, we are not saying that we are being dishonest. What we are saying is that the smart way forward is in being selectively honest. You know, how when you ask bae if you’ve gained weight, and you just want him to say no, even if you’ve piled on five extra kilos? Or when you’ve baked a cake for him on his birthday and it tastes like a sofa cushion, and you are just hoping he likes it?

Acting skills go a long way, and if you don’t possess some, God save you! That’s just the best way sometimes to handle things and let everyone be at peace. We’ve all done that – faked smiles, orgasms and some of us, even a Michael Kors (not good!). It’s not like we’re acting at all times, but when we do, we can give the Bollywood actresses a run for their money. If you agree with us, you will totally relate to these 5 fun times we’ve all faked our way out!

1) When you’ve had better sex

Okay, so it’s not like he sucks at it, but there’s still so much he could learn. And you’re willing to go that extra mile to teach him and have patience for it. He’s not that best sex you’ve had but does he need to know that? Moan like you’re on cloud nine. But subtly direct him on how to get you to come. Not all men are willing to take direction but unless you are willing to settle for a lot of bad sex, teach him the skills.

2) When the gift he bought for you is more suitable for your niece

Okay, maybe this one time you spoke about how much you loved Deepika Padukone’s neon green ruffle dress. But then he goes all out and gets you a tutu dress that you always wanted…in class three. You love your bae but he just doesn’t know how to buy you gifts. But you kinda have to act as excited as he gets when you show up to bed in your lacy lingerie. And then the next day get it exchanged because you know the dress is amazing, but doesn’t fit you well. Oopsie!

3) You pretend to get along with his dull friends even though they are the antithesis of your idea of fun

So spending three hours straight with his dull friends may seem like an overnight trip to jail. You thought nobody could dull your sparkle. But if you spend more time with them, you’re sure your sparkle will cease to exist! The only difference between partying with his friends and watching paint dry is that during the former you have to put your best fake smile on. Thank God for vodka!


4) When you don’t agree with his mom, but want to make a good impression

Now, your perspective in life doesn’t really need to match with his mom. But you still need her to like you. So you kinda just go with whatever she says. From who should have been the Prime minister, her take on Brexit to whether Ranveer Singh needs to calm down or not – if you agree, you agree a lot. If you don’t, then you just nod anyway. The things we do to be liked!

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5) When he is talking about something boring but you listen because he is bae

You begin listening to him speaking about his football match this Friday. And out of courtesy, you even end up asking a couple of questions, which is when you realise you’ve opened a portal which isn’t going to close anytime soon. He will go on and on, and you will be tempted to pretend having fallen asleep on call. But then you realise that he too listens patiently when you go on about your best friend’s love life, and he hasn’t snored so you owe him a patient listening eat, at least.


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