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5 Fictional Couples Who Gave Us Real Relationship Goals

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We all enjoy a good movie, TV show or book. In fact, we may be easily influenced by the stuff we watch or read, but deep down, we all know that it is not to be taken seriously. That said, every now and then, the world of fiction gives us something we can learn from. Even when it comes to love! Here are 5 fictional couples who gave us real relationship goals.

1. Monica and Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

They cared deeply for each other and had a love that was founded on friendship. We all know that’s the best kind, isn’t it?

2. Jackie and Kelso from That 70s Show

They annoyed the living crap out of each other. They were always dealing with some drama or the other. But they always had each other’s backs. That’s the love you want!

3. Jim and Pam from The Office

They work together, live together, and have babies together. And through it all, they don’t stop loving each other! Don’t know how they do it, but glad they do!

4. Alex and Sophie from Music and Lyrics

They weren’t looking for love. They were just looking to find and fulfil their passion. Love just came along! Isn’t that the best way for it to happen?

5. Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Another fictional couple that showed us that a solid friendship really is the cornerstone of a good, happy, long relationship. Looks like we’re on to something here…


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