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5 Cute Ways To Make Up With Bae After A Fight (If You Don’t Want To Break Up)

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No matter how cute your relationship is, fights are bound to happen. In the initial phase of baby, jaanu and shona, your mind is taken over by a big, beating cloud of love. But when rationality begins to creep through, so do the differences.

But that’s okay. As long as you are able to keep the fights to be more healthy and less ugly, your relationship should get through undamaged. However,  if tempers are flying and words have been used to stab one another, here’s how we can help you fix it. Here are 5 tips to make up with your bae, because a) life’s too short to fight and b) he won’t be sharing his last slice of pizza with you!

1) Cool off

You’ve argued your lungs out, and whether you reached to a conclusion or not, you’ve definitely said hurtful things. To avoid further damage, allow room for the two of you to cool down. In that hot head mode, you may not be able to think rationally. Once the anger has subsided, you both will be in a better mood to make amends.

2) Apologise right

We know you mean it, but saying sorry is just not enough. You have to say it like you mean every single alphabet in it. We often tend to say sorry and then go on to justify our behaviour. That will just make bae feel like you don’t mean it. Instead, take full responsibility of your bit of the fight and assure him that you will try your best to be better.

3) Find out the moral

Fights aren’t that bad, if you really know how to handle them maturely. They help you know what ticks them off, and most importantly, what upsets you. At the end of it, you are communicating and that will eventually lead to better understanding between you. So, analyse what you learnt from the fight. For instance, maybe he really sucks at making plans but he hates being criticised for it. So have empathy for each other’s flaws, and work together as a team.

4) Kiss and make up

When you were fighting, it can seem like this person doesn’t care for your feelings at all! Once you’ve cleared the air and talked it out, assure him you love him with a passionate kiss. Tell him he is still your favourite and there’s nothing that could change that. His heart will heal and your relationship will be back on the lovey-dovey track immediately!

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5) Cheer them up with something they love

Now, this may be bribery but hey, everybody likes a bit of pampering. You’ve already told him that you love him, now show him. Go buy him that cheesecake from his favourite place. Or take him on a romantic date, or a beer chugging one. Whatever makes his heart happy!


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