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5 Comics That Best Describe The Bond Between Sisters

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There’s just something about the bond that sisters share that makes it so special. It’s a roller-coaster ride, it’s a bumpy road and a kaleidoscope of colours. There’s nothing simple about this relationship. My sisters and I share a bond that’s different right now than what it used to be. I think when I was little, my sisters bullied me a lot. Of course, it was fun and frolic for them. They’d make it look like they didn’t intend for me to hear it when they devised a fool-proof plan of stealing my favourite toys. My eldest sister, who is eight years older than I am, would take my tests at home. And keep the passing marks 48/50. So if I got 47, she’d go tell mom I failed my test. Another sister, who is three years older than me, would wrestle me. And let’s just say I have lost quite a few teeth because of her.

We’ve done it all—pulling each other’s hair, asking the other to drop it first, until mom comes and threatens to hit us with her chappals. We’ve fought over the most frivolous things, but I can’t deny that my sisters have been protective of me since I am the youngest.

And as we grow older, our bond becomes more loving and understanding than it used to be. We still trouble each other, but we know we are each other’s safety nets. These are our best friends but better!

Here are some comics that perfectly describe the multifaceted and warm relationship between sisters. Swipe away!

One moment we are loving and the next we could be fighting each other like we are in a war. At some point, even our moms give up!


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Well, you can’t call each other ugly if you look alike. But what is a relationship between sisters with a bit of roasting?


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Because when two sisters play a board game, all that love is out of the window. Do you and your sister get way too competitive while playing board games? Most of my childhood fights (and some adult-life ones too!) revolved around this.


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Walk away while you still can. Go ahead, get out before she sees that the shoes you’re wearing are the ones she had been looking for the past week. Run, run for your life.

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When it comes to doing khaane ka batwaara, we make sure it’s done with 100% accuracy. And if there’s a slight chance that one piece of chocolate is 1 mm bigger, I am having it!

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