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3 Types Of Female Orgasms And How To Tell If You Had One

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The female orgasm, in a world designed to serve the male gaze and pleasure, is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Apparently, it exists, but no one puts in any efforts towards it.

But it shouldn’t be this way, of course. One of the deterrents of women achieving climax is the belief that it can happen only through penetration. If you don’t get that O-feeling when your man is inside you, then something isn’t quite working, right? Wrong. Penetrative or a vaginal orgasm is just one kind of orgasm. Experts don’t quite agree on just how many types are out there, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s go through the three essential types every woman should know about.

(And determinedly go about achieving it with or without a man.)


Vaginal Orgasm

Considered the epitome of the pleasure world, this is the most elusive of the lot for a woman. Contrary to what movies will have you believe, most women don’t orgasm easily through penetration alone. Hey, we didn’t say this was easy.  This is exactly why foreplay is important. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am may work for the man, but it’s most often a losing game for the woman, unless you like being left unsatisfied and sweaty. Foreplay, in this case, acts as a build up to the orgasm you may achieve when the penetration finally happens. But, even in that case, if you don’t, don’t lose heart because the most sensitive part of the vagina is, in fact, what leads to the second type of orgasm, called the…

Clitoral Orgasm

Your clitoris is where the 8,000 nerve endings come together for the sole purpose of giving you pleasure. Yes, 8,000! That’s literally the only sensation they bring when appropriately stimulated. The clitoris may be stimulated when you are fingered, or during cunnilingus. This is a powerful orgasm — the toe-curling kind that you’ll want to last forever. It is difficult to achieve this kind of orgasm through penile penetration, but if combined with some skilful manoeuvring of the clitoris, it can lead to the third type, which is a…


Blended Orgasm

This happens when you have an orgasm from penetration as well as clitoral stimulation, combined. You know that guy who fingers you while he is inside you? This is what he is trying to make you feel. (Side note: this guy is a keeper.)

Okay, but how do you know you’ve had an orgasm?

With men, it’s simple to tell — they ejaculate — so there’s definitive proof.  But, as a woman, what is the marker? One friend describes an orgasm as the feeling you get when you have to pee real bad, but you don’t actually have to pee? Yes, we spoke to an articulate bunch.

Another describes it as this instant release of pent up energy. Yet another says it feels somewhat like an electric current that runs through the body for a brief moment. One describes it as an explosion.

But, the clincher is this: If you’ve had an orgasm, you will feel this indubitable sense of satisfaction. You will feel it in your body, in that you probably will be more than happy to not be stimulated further. You will feel it in your mind, in that you will feel at ease. You will feel it in your soul, in that you will feel happy!

The French use the term “la petite mort” to describe an orgasm. It means “the little death”. An orgasm, then, is that moment in which you mentally and emotionally switch off and wholly come into your body, to feel pure pleasure.


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