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10 Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Is Going Down On Her Man

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The thing about going down on your man is that, there’s nothing fun about it – for women. The men, they love it but if you tell me you enjoy turning into a suction pump, I will seriously need to get to know you and your life better. Now, I’m not saying we do it half-heartedly. We do it out of love and wanting to pleasure bae. Sex is all about mutual pleasure, so we both indulge each other in amazing orgasms. In fact, when it comes to blowjobs, confidence comes with practice. When you’re an amateur at it, you will be all nervous and awkward. But with encouragement and good feedback, you will feel bolder to try out new techniques. Either ways, we have several thoughts going on in our heads when we blow. Here are 10 thoughts that every woman will be able to relate to!

  1. I hope he doesn’t have pornstar-level expectations

My amateur ass (read mouth) can only deliver so much. That’s just too much pressure!

  1. Okay, how do I start?

Wait, do we do it with him standing? Or should he lie down? Let me tie my hair. I don’t want my blow-dry to be drenched in gooey liquid, should there be an ejaculation emergency.

  1. Deep-throat? Maybe not.

As much as I love you, I also feel very passionately about not triggering my gag reflexes. Don’t you worry, I know moves that will give just as much pleasure.

  1. Am I supposed to make eye contact?

They do it in porn. Will it look sexy or creepy? I don’t know if I can give that seductive look, as efficiently as they show it in the movies.

  1. Okay, I just drooled.

OMG, I did not! Sorry bae, my saliva slipped onto your pee pee when I was trying to stuff it in my mouth. In my defence, blow jobs aren’t easy. It’s called a job for a reason!

  1. Is he liking it?

Why is he so quiet? Hello, am down here working on your manhood. Did you fall asleep? Say something, anything.

  1. Don’t finish in my mouth!

Please tell me when you’re about to reach climax. If not, I will chop your penis off! Okay, I wouldn’t do that. But I will hate it and you for a very long time. It may look sexy but if we haven’t discussed it, just don’t okay?

  1. Should I try the moves I read about?

Awkwardly, traces the length of his penis with my tongue. *looks at him for affirmation*

  1. Next is my turn. Woohoo!

So who’s gonna get some good tongue action next? Me, me, me!

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  1. Okay, my mouth has given up

Cum or not. I am done. My mouth has burnt so many calories already, I think my jawline has begun to show!

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