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10 Things You Can Do For Him That Say ‘I Love You’ Without Saying It

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After matching with several fuckbois on dating apps, being in toxic relationships and having namesake boyfriends, when you finally find the one, he is very precious to you. He loves you in the way you understand love, you both are on the same page and you’re happy. Even after the little fights and differences, you still feel this is the best you can get and it’s a lot because of how amazing your boyfriend is as a person. We have put so much effort in the wrong ones, but he is the guy who truly deserves all your love. So I say, keep your baggage aside, and be generous in showering him with the love he needs. Sure, you can say ‘I love you’ but as they say, actions speak louder than words. Here are 10 ways to show your boyfriend what he means to you.


1) Let him enjoy his time

He is spending all his time with you lately, and it’s great that you’re his priority. However, if he wants time for himself or with his people, don’t be mad at him. In fact, real care is when you remind him that he has MIA from his friends’ circle and he shouldn’t do that. That’s what a healthy relationship is. And when he is watching football with the guys, you can use that time for yourself.

2) When he’s wrong, cut him some slack

We try so hard to change the habits of our partners that we don’t like. Maybe he fucks up the planning bit every time. Or he always ends up getting late for the airport. While you feel like venting out your frustration, hold it. It’s not worth hurting each other. Take things with a pinch of salt and laugh it off!


3) Be his human diary

I really like the kind of relationships in which the couple are actually best friends and soul mates. They are open to communicating about anything under the sun because they feel it’s a secure place where they won’t be judged. That’s the best way to make someone happy.

4) Appreciate him

How many times to women complain of being taken for granted? We say he doesn’t appreciate us enough. But we act as if we have the monopoly on needing validation. Men need praise too. Celebrate his little achievements, thank him for the things he does for you and let him know how sexy you find him. A motivated man is a happy man!

5) Give him enthusiastic hugs

When you see him after several days, rush to him and give him a power-packed hug. Squeeze him like it’s your last hug! Melt in his embrace and make it look like a dramatic climax from a Karan Johar movie. Come on, boys need a little bit of drama too!

6) Cook for him

I am not saying you should fire his cook and take over. But surprising him with some gajar ka halwa won’t hurt. Make anything that you know he likes. Even if it’s not the tastiest, he will savour it because you made it with so much love.

7) Make an effort to be nice to his folks

When you really love someone, you treat their people as your people. He will love it if you make an effort to get along with his friends and family (if you’ve met them already). It’s not necessary that you will like them, but he will definitely appreciate the effort.

8) Prioritise him

You got a new job offer, and you call him up before anyone else. When he is not well, you cancel all your other plans to cheer him up and take care of him. He will see how much you love him and reciprocate it with full dedication!

9) Never compare him to other guys

Nobody likes being compared. Remember how mad you got when your parents compared you with your siblings? Make him feel like he is the only guy that matters to you. No other guy can give you the kind of affection he does and you wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!

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10) Caress his hair

Guys may not admit but they go weak in the knees when their girl caresses their hair. Soft touches will really show your affection, without having to use words!

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