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10 Things A Guy Best Friend Teaches You About Love, Life And People

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Platonic friendships between guys and girls weren’t even a thing in our parents’ generation. You spoke to a man who wasn’t your father, brother, teacher, or some other family member, for only one reason: to marry him, and subsequently make him your family member. Then, things began to change. Boys and girls started to go to school and college together, and began fostering friendships. However, more often than not, these friendships would either culminate in love, or end altogether once school or college ended. Guy-girl friendships are fairly new, and for this reason, when you have a guy friend, you are still pretty much an anomaly.

That said, being an anomaly does come with important life lessons! Here’s what breaking the stereotype that guys and girls can’t ever be “just friends” teaches you:


1. That men blush too

When their crush looks their way; when they get a compliment; when they see someone they like; when you tease them about the girl they like… so on and so forth.

2. That compromising in a relationship has nothing to do with one’s gender

Nope, it’s not just the women who compromise. Men do too. Look closely.


3. That when a guy falls in love, he WILL let you know

He may not say it in so many words. But, if he loves you, he will make himself available, and do whatever he can to make you happy!

4. That you don’t always have to talk about everything

Sometimes, you can be super worked up about something, but feel better by just chilling with a cold beer, a comedy film, and your BFF who happens to be a guy. This “manly” way of dealing with things does work, but only sometimes.


5. That men, too, get hurt by a woman’s bad behaviour

Men are not insensitive jerks, looking for the next hook-up. They have feelings, and no matter how hard they may try to not cry in front of people, they get hurt when the girl they are with behaves badly with them, be it cheating or berating them, or anything in between. Be kind, ladies!

6. That people will judge, no matter what you do

Not that people will judge your morals if you have a guy best friend. It’s more that people look at the world based on what they know, and since many still believe that a guy and a girl can’t be platonic friends, they will be sitting there waiting for you to reveal that there’s something more!

platonic_friendship_not talking_silent_inpost_1

7. That sometimes, you don’t have to talk at all!

Yep. Sometimes, hanging out with your friends may mean sitting silently in each other’s presence, maybe watching T.V., or listening to music, or playing a card game.

8. That while you can fight for yourself, unfortunately, in our society, it helps to have a guy in tow

Do we need to say more?


9. That it pays to be physically strong

Having a guy best friend is a bit like having a brother who bullies you into being physically strong, as well as mentally strong. Because he is not your boyfriend, he is not going to do things for you. Want that coffee jar opened? You learn to do it on your own, thanks to his bullying!

10. That ultimately, people’s perception of you depends on how you carry yourself

In the end, however, people evolve and cultures evolve. And how people receive you depends largely on what you put out there. If you are certain about your friendship, then you can change the way people think!

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