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10 Signs You’re In An Almost Relationship

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The thing about ‘almost relationships’ is that they are both, exciting and painful. You share things that a couple would, except that you aren’t a couple. You aren’t even f**k buddies. And there’s no way you are having this conversation anytime soon, because you don’t know if you’re there yet.

At the same time, there’s this constant insecurity that he may find someone else, and you’ll just fade away with time. You don’t know how much of yourself you can invest in this relationship, which is not even actually one. If you’re friends, officially but you are so damn sure that what you share is much more, it can leave you perplexed.

Is it just in your head? Or is this for real? Here are 10 signs you’re in an almost relationship and you need to figure things out soon!

1. You don’t know if you’re supposed to text ‘good morning’

When you’ve been texting all day and so close to dating but not actually dating, it’s very difficult to establish rules. Do we text good morning or is too romantic? You wonder if you want him to know if he’s the first thought on your mind. So, to be on safe side, you do it twice or thrice a week.

2. You don’t even know if you’re close enough for ‘one for the road’ kisses

Your dates (though you don’t call them that) usually start with casual flirting and almost always end up in making out. Maybe you even sleep together. But that’s not the uncomfortable part. Neither is waking up next to him. It’s the part when you’re leaving and you don’t know if you’re supposed to kiss him goodbye. Because it’s that kiss that changes a lot.

3. Your relationship has no status

You’re not platonic friends. Neither are you friends with benefits (because you have feelings for each other). But you’re not his girlfriend either. So when someone asks, you say we’re friends, but you both know better.

4. Most of your interaction is online

The thing with boundaries in an almost relationship is that you breach them and feel reminded to maintain them, time and again. To limit the interaction, you stick to texting, even though you’re practically doing it all day. But you don’t know if you can simply pick up the phone and call him, and start going on about your day.

5. You miss him but you feel you can’t admit it

When it’s been a while since you’ve met him, you miss him. However, you don’t know if you have the permission to say ‘I miss you’ or is that pushing it too far? More than anything, you’re afraid of him giving a thanda response, and you wanting to take your words back.

6. Your dates aren’t very frequent

It’s so romantic and beautiful when you meet him. It makes you wish you could meet him more often. Like if you could simply call him out for a stroll, even that would be perfect. But you barely meet once a month and those too aren’t spontaneous plans. It clearly shows he wants you close, but just once in a while.

7. His friends know nothing about you

Or maybe they know you as a friend of his. Of course, you’re not a fuck buddy; you’re an almost girlfriend. But they know nothing about the romantic connection you share. Why let them in on something that’s not solid, right?

8. There is intimacy, but it doesn’t lead to anything

When you are out chilling at a club, people look at you and assume you’re a couple. The chemistry is amazing and you hold hands. You stare into each other’s eyes, he kisses your cheek, and of course you make out. But the next day you wake up, and you’re still ‘just friends’. This, right there, is what every almost relationship is made of!

9. You feel guilty when you flirt with other dudes

It’s not like you’re in a relationship with him, but it feels so much like it. You like him, vent out to him and even get romantic once in a while. But since you’re single, technically you’re “allowed” to flirt with other guys. And yet, when you do, it feels like you’re cheating on him.

10. You feel scared discussing the relationship

It’s not like you’re so comfortable going with flow. Yet despite the intimacy, he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend. You don’t want to have the talk because you’re afraid you’ll lose what you have. But eventually, can you lose something that’s not yours? So find out if he is.


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