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10 Signs Your Casual Sex Is Turning Into A Relationship

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I feel casual sex is not as satisfying in the long-term as relationship sex. By that I don’t mean the sex itself but the aftermath of it. A casual hookup may pleasure you, giving you the most intense orgasms but having that arrangement for long-term has to have its side-effects. Eventually, at least one person will get emotionally attached or lose interest. That’s how most situationships end. You absolutely cannot continue to have casual sex with one person without getting any of those strings attached for months, unless you’re a cold-blooded person.

But all’s not lost when it comes to casual coitus. Sometimes, two people who are taking it slow (except on bed) end up really falling for each other. Relationships can start from casual encounters and turn into solid, committed affairs. Even if it doesn’t happen, at least you had good sex and an amazing time. But if it does happen, who knows you’ll become like Chandler and Monica whose affair started with a one-off thing? Chandler was a commitment phobe who ended up becoming the best boyfriend and husband ever. Is your hottie a Chandler in the making? Here are 10 signs your casual sex may be turning into a relationship.

  1. Your conversations have become more regular and less sexual

Earlier, most of your conversations went down the sexual route soon after exchanging courtesies but now, you’ll really talk. In fact, you were surprised that he’s been talking so much and so often. But you really don’t mind, do?

  1. He makes time for you even when he is occupied

You’re still surprised and pleasantly so. He has been taking time out to talk to you even on days when he is neck deep in work. And you’re just like it seems like “woh meri dukaan hadapna chahta hain!”

  1. He assumes that you will celebrate special occasions together

Your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, that job promotion – he just assumes you’ll meet him. Well, I would not want to make these memories with a guy I am not into.

  1. He wants to know about your day

It’s sweet how he remembers things you said to him and it’s almost like you’re a web series he is super tuned into. Like yeah, he wants to know all about what happened after you had that fight with your bestie or your bitchy colleague tried to turn your boss against you.

  1. Physical intimacy with him isn’t just about sex anymore

A quickie isn’t enough anymore. You’ll want an entire day and night of canoodling as he holds you tight, and looks into your eyes without saying a word. He kisses your cheeks, hugs you and cuddles you. It’s not just the making out moments you’ll cherish, but even things like watching a crappy movie and talking endlessly.

  1. His friends know about you

He wants you to be a part of his circle, of his life. And he wants to take you along when his friends arrive with their girlfriends. You almost feel like you’re his partner in crime.

  1. He thinks he is answerable to you

When he is busy on a call at 12 am on a particular night, he doesn’t just tell you he was on a call but tries to let you know that it was a friend. If he will be away for a day or so, he tells you. Guys don’t get answerable in casual hookups.

  1. He wants more boyfriend privileges

He doesn’t want to be one of the boys in your list flirting with you. He wants to have exclusive benefits and not just physical. He doesn’t want you to flirt with other guys and wants to be the first and only person you text when you need love.

  1. He speaks in future tense

Yeah, I am not talking about making babies here. But he thinks long term – like things you’ll do on NYE or that holiday you’ll go on after coronavirus has left us. Casual hookups don’t last that long.

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  1. He seems to adore your little quirks

We are so conscious with people who aren’t close to us. Like you won’t burp on a first date or several dates after that. You won’t order difficult noodles because he will see you struggle with table manners. But when he really begins to adore you and your little quirks, it’s when he is really falling for you. Because love is blind and seeing you trip over a flat surface is somehow adorable to him.

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