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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Feminist And You Should Hold On To Him!

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The internet let out a collective aww when Anand Ahuja added Sonam’s name as his middle name. And recently, Sonam Kapoor talked about the fact that besides adding her name, he’s also her biggest cheerleader.  When she spoke about how Anand Ahuja is extremely supportive of her, all of us felt our ovaries explode. That’s exactly the kind of guy we deserve! The kind who treats you exactly like who you are…an equal! She inspires us to not settle for less and be with someone who truly values and respects you as a woman. In fact, not just you. He respects women in general!  If you’re dating someone who could be a feminist, first of all, hold on to him. But here are other signs that your dude is a stand up guy.

  1. He doesn’t blame your mood on your hormones

It could actually be your hormones, or it could be his fault. He never just assumes.

  1. He has never called a girl a slut

He respects all women and doesn’t judge a girl on her sexual adventures.

  1. He lets you pay on dates

Sometimes he pays. Sometimes you do. But nobody keeps a track, because you’re a team, right?

  1. He would buy you sanitary pads if he had to

Maybe as a 14-year-old he flushed at the mention of pads, periods or tampons. But now he is a grownup and nothing about menstruation puts him off. That’s bloody amazing!

  1. Your career is important to him

Your career is not a hobby, it’s an important part of your life. He takes your career seriously and supports you in climbing the ladder of success, even if it means compromising on your time with him. In fact, he’s holding that ladder in place and cheering you on.

  1. His sentences never begin with ‘Girls shouldn’t (or should)’

He never conforms to the gender roles our society has been propagating since forever. Cooking and managing a household is a life skill everyone (not just women) should be equipped with and he is willing to pitch in or take charge.

  1. He *asks* if you want kids

Women are much more than child bearers. And he doesn’t assume you want children just because you have ovaries.

  1. He doesn’t ‘let you win’

When you are playing a game, he is competitive like he’d be with his guy friends. And if he loses, he accepts defeat without feeling embarrassed that he “lost to a girl”.

  1. He is chivalrous but doesn’t make you feel weak

So you’re perfectly capable of opening a door by yourself. You can place your own order at the restaurant. He doesn’t make you feel less-abled but he does make you feel taken care of.

  1. Your orgasms are just as important as his

He may call himself a feminist but if he is selfish in bed (find out if he is), is he truly a feminist? Sex for him should be about mutual pleasure.



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