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10 Signs You Are Not In Love With Your Partner

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You don’t always start off relationships deeply in love with the guy. More often that not, it’s a one night stand that’s evolved into something more. He’s cute and he cares for you, a lot. You presume that with time your emotional connection will mature, and you will fall in love, because that seems like a natural flow of things. However, you realise that – for whatever reason – your feelings haven’t really grown. You probably love him, but are you in love with him? Does he feel like your topmost priority? Would you choose him over anything else? If you have to think twice before answering these questions, then maybe it’s time for you to reflect. How do you know if you’re not really in love with him? Here are 10 signs.

1) You don’t feel excited to meet him

It’s not like you despise his company. But then again you’re never feeling any butterflies in anticipation of your next meeting. Sometimes, you are rather relieved when your plans with gets cancelled and you can go out with your friends instead!

2) Your make-out sessions feel like a chore

Because you’re a couple, you know that physical intimacy is a part of being in a relationship. Your kisses aren’t full of passion, but rather half-baked. Making love to them feels mechanical, instead of magical.

3) Nothing they talk about is interesting to you

When you’re in love, you feel surprised at how much you can talk – on the most random of topics. But when you’re really not, you find  yourself lacking interest in anything he says, because you’re really not that curious about him and his life. Can I watch paint dry instead?

4) You find yourself investing less than you do when you were in love

You know you get a little cuckoo in love. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your bae, except that this is not quite the time when you feel that way.

5) There are no romantic songs you feel for them

I mean, you listen to romantic songs on your way to work, but none of them actually speak about how you feel.

6) The idea of breaking up feels like a relief

You’ve thought about breaking up and it actually feels like breaking free? That’s because deep down, the relationship feels rather forced to you.

7) You don’t feel the urge to reply to their texts immediately

When you’re in love, you can’t really stop yourself from responding to them immediately. In fact, you check your phone several times, waiting for them to text you. But here, that’s not how it is.

8) There’s give and take

They say pyaar mein sauda nahi. But you find yourself feeling selfish when it comes to doing things for him. You wonder if he would do the same for you. Or if it’s really worth going the extra mile for him.

9) You have very low expectations from him

There’s not much you expect out of him and that’s not because you’re that kinda person. It’s because you’re not in love, so you’re really not very invested in this relationship. You don’t expect him to love you passionately, because you don’t do the same.

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10) You don’t feel connected

You guys talk but do you really have heart-to-heart conversations? Have you spoken about your fears, your dreams and everything that makes you feel passionately involved in a discussion? You don’t feel emotionally connected, because you’re not.


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