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10 Signs That Say He Is Deeply Committed To You

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You’ve found this cutie, and you both are pretty much oozing love from every pore! Which, frankly, ugh but you do you.  Your bae is the best thing in the world, or so it seems right now. In the initial phase everything seems hunky dory, but will it remain like that? Is he as committed to you as the happy hormones are making you believe? Or will the passion and love promises die with time? Here are 10 signs that reveal he is deeply committed to you. That he’s going to stick around through thick and thin and not leave when you reveal your slightly weird side to him. Sure, he will rethink his decision several times when you throw tantrums during PMS but he wants to be with you, for sure.

1) He takes you on real dates

A guy who is really committed to you will make you feel pampered. He won’t stop wooing you after you’ve said yes. We aren’t saying you’ll be whisked away for a candlelight dinner every weekend but real dinner dates won’t be restricted to just birthdays!

2) But you also enjoy play station and Netflix nights with him

Just because you like to fine dine and dress up like you’re going to a black-tie event doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and relax. The best dates are nights you spend cozying up under a blanket watching Money Heist on Netflix! Or fighting each other off in a game! If he feels as comfy as your fav sweatshirt, he is committed to making you feel that way.

3) He isn’t insecure when you handle his phone

You know a guy is flirting with other women when he gets all jittery when you as much as lay a finger on his phone. But this guy is secure because he has nothing to hide. Except you’ve already seen that  you’re on his wallpaper and he’s too shy to show it.

4) Introduces you to his family

Okay, so maybe he introduces all his girlfriends to his family. But why should we be cynics when we can be a ball of mush? If he is letting his folks get to know you, it’s probably because he sees you as (potentially) a part of the fam. You feel like home to him and he is not going away from home.

5) He has opened his heart to you

To find out how deep he is into the relationship, watch out for how much of himself he shares with you. If there are things that are still ‘personal’, you aren’t there yet. But if he can talk about anything – his insecurities, his crazy family and his irritable bowel movements – you know you have achieved a whole new level of closeness with bae.

6) He wants to travel with you

So, all those couples we see on Instagram kissing on a mountain top or cycling away in Maldives seriously gets to us. If he wants to travel with you, he thinks you’re a perfect companion and of course, he wants to click similar #couplegoals pictures with you. Or maybe you want to click those pictures but you get the drift.

7) He wants to shout it out on social media

If he has made it Instagram official, you have no doubts left about each other. You’ve begun to appear regularly on his Insta stories. Everybody knows who you are and what kind of food you love.

8) He doesn’t keep his options open.

A committed guy will never be found flirting with another girl when you excuse yourself to go to the washroom. Even if a girl approaches him, he will politely mention you and not risk your relationship for anything under the sun!

9) You can feel it in your bones

They say you should always trust your gut feeling. If being with him makes you feel secure and you feel light and easy, he has probably given you reason to feel that way. You just know how he is committed and loyal to you.

10) He is involved in your life

You told him that your mom wasn’t keeping well, and he cares. He is even interested in knowing how you’re tackling that irritating manager at your workplace. When you’re PMSing he takes care of your mood, plying you with chocolate and cupcakes. This man is committed!


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