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10 Signs He Is A F**kboi And You’re Wasting Your Time On Him

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We meet so many guys and it’s so hard to tell whether he really likes you or is just fucking around with you. It’s difficult because today, everyone likes to take it slow and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cool to meet, spend time getting to know each other and then seeing where it goes. Love should happen organically, after all. But fuckbois are just pretending to take time. All they are doing is buying time to mess around with you, while you assume that this is gonna go somewhere. Later, you realise only your feelings are increasing and his are as negligible as they were before. In fact, more often they will have a sob story to convince you that they need more time. And you will continue nurturing their emotional and physical needs in the hope that you are able to “fix” them.

At the end, you will give up but only after you’re completely drained of hope and energy. Since nobody wants that, here’s how you can recognise a fuckboi before you get too involved.

1) He never asks you on a real date

A gentleman will ask you on a date but a fuckboi will try to make it as casual as possible. You’ve heard “let’s hang” and “do you wanna catch up?” far too often. That’s how your meetings happen.

2) Your conversations are superficial

A guy who really likes you will confide in you. But firstly, a fuckboi doesn’t have the emotional depth to even engage in a heart-to-heart. Secondly, he wouldn’t care to do it with someone he just wants to sleep with.

3) Your plans are usually spontaneous

I mean, you can tell from the fact that he is never planning a real date. Most of the times, he will call you out of the blue maybe when one of his dates cancels on him. Or you know, when he feels horny.

4) You make out each time you meet

If he doesn’t want to meet you unless making out is in the itinerary then you can tell what your so called ‘connection’ with him is based on. It’s really not rocket science.

5) And the next day he is distant again

He showers attention on you when he is with you. There’s wine flowing, he’s looking into your eyes, holding your hand and making you feel special. Then after spending the night, he becomes distant again the next day. You know, busy schedule and all that. Or so he wants you to believe.

6) You’ve not hung out with his friends

You’ve seen his stories on Instagram but he never takes you to mingle with them. It almost feels like you’re his dirty secret and he doesn’t want his social circle to find out about you. Clearly, he is hooking up with other girls too and he doesn’t want people to think he is taken.

7) He is texting too much, even in your company

Here’s the thing. Guys don’t text guys unless it’s important. They don’t sit and chat for hours. If he is with you and still hooked on to his phone, you know he is either working hard on trapping another fish or planning someone’s murder. Either ways, if I were you, I would run.


8) You don’t know if he is seeing other people because he never tells

If you ask him about seeing other people, he will just tell you that you have nothing to worry or something else as vague as this. That’s because a player never really reveals his game. If he doesn’t confirm it’s just you, take it as a no.

9) He cancels last minute

He has so many “female friends” and he wouldn’t want to miss out on having a little variety in his life. Suddenly, he will remember he had another plan or he has to be somewhere. The guy lies through his teeth and so smoothly.

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10) He is a fair-weather “friend”

He acts like he cares but he will never truly lend you a shoulder to cry on, unless it’s followed by taking advantage of your vulnerability. He never truly encourages you to grow and do anything productive. He is just there to have fun!

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