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10 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date

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It may or may not be true that first impressions last, in that you can dislike someone the first time you meet them, and grow to like them. That said, it is important that when we go on a first date with someone, we avoid certain rookie mistakes. For instance, if a guy you are meeting for the first time proceeds to ask you how many men you’ve slept with, wouldn’t you be put off? Sure, if you are in a relationship, this may eventually be a topic of conversation. But, there’s a right time for everything. In this spirit, here are 10 things you should not do on a first date:


1. Drinking too much

A drink or two to calm the nerves is fine, but getting wasted on a first date, that’s not cute. For one, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. How well do you know this guy? This is just going to be awkward. Secondly, for many people, it is a bit of a turn off to have to handle a drunk stranger, for that’s what you are for now.


2. Talking about your ex

Not an appropriate first date conversation simply because you end up giving the impression that you are not over your ex yet, even if that may not be the case.


3. Discussing money

How much you make, how much you have saved, or how broke you are, doesn’t exactly make for great first date conversation. Like it or not, money is a private issue, and it’s best to keep it that way, until you reach a stage where talking finance and your spending habits is a reasonable step for your relationship.


4. Talking ONLY about your work

Talking about work may seem like a safe bet in many social settings, but quite often, it comes across as snobbish and self-absorbed. Especially when you are on a date. It’s okay to briefly talk about what you do, but no one cares about the office politics, or your moment of gloating about how well you are performing.


5. Dressing uncomfortably

In wanting to look sexy, sometimes, we make the mistake of wearing an outfit that is super uncomfortable and keeps us distracted, or running to the ladies’ room for a fix. This includes that underwired bra, those stilettos, and that red lipstick that bleeds way too easily. Avoid.


6. Smelling bad

It may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people – both men and women – show up at a date smelling… umm… not so good. You could be coming from home, after a shopping spree, or the gym, but don’t make that your date’s problem. The way you smell will leave a more lasting impression than the way you look. Smell is one of the most important senses we have, and smelling good can be an aphrodisiac. Likewise, smelling like a sweaty sock can be a mood killer.


7. Being overly touchy

While some amount of physical contact like caressing of the hands, a hug, or footsie under the table can heat things up, be careful about not going overboard. You don’t have to tap his shoulder every single time he makes you laugh, or hold his hand and let it rest there. Be flirtatious, tease a little, but also, keep assessing the situation.

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8. Eating sloppily

Going for a big, fat juicy burger is not a great idea for a first date. Yes, you want to be yourself, but having mustard on your clothes, mouth wide open, and in general being sloppy doesn’t make for sexy.  Save your gluttony for a later day.


9. Talking ONLY about yourself

It is not only boring, but also, makes you seem narcissistic. You may have a lot of stories to share, or may feel awkward asking questions. But, talking about yourself will instantly put your date off. Besides, the key to a good romance is to keep some mystery alive.


10. Not talking at all

Why are you out with this person if you are not planning to make any conversation at all? Where does one even go from there?

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