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10 Romantic Songs By Arijit Singh That Will Give You All The Feels

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Arijit Singh is one of the few singers whose music never fails to touch your soul! He made his Bollywood debut with Phir Mohabbat from Murder 2 and there’s been no looking back since then! He has given us songs that perfectly express our feelings, be it of new love or a heartbreak. So when you’re so in love, and just can’t find the right words to tell them how you feel, who comes to your rescue? Yes, Arijit Singh it is! While he has given us so many songs to dive into, as he turns 32 today, here are our 10 romantic Bollywood songs that you should and must dedicate to your bae!

1) Muskurane

This song from the movie Citylights says how he is the reason of your happiness. It says how you look forward to be with each through the ups and downs of life.

2) Humdard

If you feel you’ve found your one true soulmate, dedicate this song to your bae, from the movie Ek Villain. It beautifully sums up how you find solace in each other. It’s one of the most romantic Bollywood songs, which completely deserves to be your love playlist!

3) Dhoka Dhadi

If it’s a new romance for you, this song will perfectly explain your feelings for your SO. It talks about how love happened to you, in the most unexpected way. Surprise, surprise!

4) Mast Magan

This song from the movie Two States, will let your cutie know that you are thinking of him, like all the time. It’s a perfect ‘I miss you’ song if he is away!

5) Raabta

Do you feel you have a deeper soul-level connection with your beau? Well, Raabta, from Agent Vinod will express your intense, spiritual love in the most apt way.

6) Laal Ishq

This soulful song has the depths of an ocean…of love! With this song, you can tell your SO that your love is so profound that you are completely dedicated to him. Speaks volume about commitment!

7) Pal

Do you wish to drop in a sweet reminder of how much your boyfriend means to you? This song says how well you go together- just like two peas in a pod! So cute!

8) Zaalima

If you share a fun relationship with your bae and pulling each other’s leg is just part of the routine, this song is just for you! This song has a sweet battle of words, but at the end, both of you are on same side of love!

9) Darkhaast

When passions are running high, and you’re kissing and snuggling, play this. It perfectly expresses the desire and longing for your partner’s embrace!

10) Bairaagi

Let your boyfriend know he is the apple of your eye, the love of your life, and your entire world with this song. Expect him to tear up, at least on the inside!


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