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10 Reasons You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

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Each time we get out of a bad relationship, we wonder how we fell for the wrong guy…again. We break our heads over what went wrong and end up deciding that we’re just horrible at making choices. And that’s possibly true. You can’t seem to find a guy who wants to stick around, is emotionally available and mentally compatible with you.

You find yourself stuck in a pattern of dating f**kbois, and you must go out of your way to break it. And in order to be able to do that, you probably need to know the reasons behind the illogical choice of mates you’ve been making. Why do you keep attracting the wrong guy into your life? Here’s why.

1) You are afraid of being alone

The gap between two of your relationships is rather tiny. If you haven’t learnt to be independent and happy on your own, you probably end up looking for a partner out of fear, and not love. You will settle for whatever you are getting, at the cost of your emotions and mental peace and you know that’s never a good idea.

2) You think love can change people

Or maybe you’re incredibly gullible. You think your love and affection can change the world. It could, if this was a Bollywood movie and you were Deepika Padukone. If that’s not the case, it’s probably time to get real.

3) You have low self-esteem

You, in your head, tell yourself this is the best you can get. That’s this is all you deserve. Even if he doesn’t treat you right. Give you the attention you need or understand you in any way.  Develop enough self-love so that you don’t entertain anyone who treats you wrong either.

4) You haven’t given a thought about what you want

Okay, and then you go around annoyed  that you’re not getting what you want. How will you when you haven’t even made up your mind about your criteria and deal breakers? This is some tough love coming your way from us. Get your needs and wants in place, and then look for a guy who fits.

5) You have a pattern

We’re not talking about the lovely Aztec and other geometric patterns lying in your wardrobe, though we wish that was the case. What we are talking about here is your toxic dating pattern, if you haven’t reflected on that yet. We usually tend to fall for familiarity – and since you have been so familiar with f**kbois, you can spot one from miles away! Break the cycle; date outside your type.

6) You confuse drama with love

See, we completely understand. Drama makes us feel like the leading lady of a Bollywood movie and all those intense songs seem to be the perfect background score. When everything is perfect with a guy, you find him boring. We say find boring and date boring because our boring is the guy to settle down with.

7) You are afraid of commitment

Sometimes the reason we date the wrong guy is that deep down we know it won’t last. And you won’t even have to take the blame for it! Maybe you have some underlying commitment issues that are going unchecked. Reflect, introspect and ask yourself if you really want to be with a long-term partner at all.

8) You may have daddy issues

If you share a troubled relationship with your dad, it’s likely that you’re seeking a male authority figure in your life. And on a subconscious level, ironically, you may be attracting men similar to your dad. If that’s the case, then you may have to take therapy to recover.

9) You undervalue your own emotions

Just because your exes undermined your emotions and focused on their own, doesn’t mean you do the same. Honey, take charge of your emotions and put them over anything else. That’s where true peace of mind resides!

10) You have done nothing about breaking the cycle

When you keep falling for the wrong guy again and again, you will have to break the cycle. And that doesn’t happen on its own. Time doesn’t fix everything.  In fact, sometimes it makes the scars even more stubborn. So take charge, invest your time in healing activities and make room for some reflection. Affirmations and therapy will help you find true inner peace, self-love and the love of a man who wants to stay.


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