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10 Reasons Being Single In Your 20s Is Tough (But It’s Okay!)

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When you’re in your 20s, it suddenly feels like almost everyone around you is just out there, making money and zipping from one boyfriend to the next. On the other hand, you’re single and broke, and there’s no one to call you amazing for just the way you are, except Bruno Mars. He’s cool like that. It’s not like you’re not strong, confident or independent enough. Because you definitely are and you need nobody to tell you that. You are self-sufficient, and of course, there’s porn and sex toys when you’re not. Our handy guide to keeping yourself sexually satisfied when you are single is right here. There are eager matches on your dating apps, who will reply with an essay to your monosyllables. Whether you’re single because you want to take a break from relationships, focus on your goals or because you haven’t connected to someone on that level – it can get hard sometimes. Here are 10 reasons being single in your 20s isn’t easy.

  1. Your friends are constantly trying to set you up

You may be single, but you’re not desperate. Friends, we know you mean well, but please be done with setting us up with the first single dick-owner you come across.

  1. Your best friends priorities have changed

The friends you grew up wasting hours with, are suddenly all busy with their boyfriends. You can’t do Galentine’s anymore. You have to fight for your slot on their birthdays, and all their paid leaves are reserved for travel plans with their respective baes. At this point, you feel like you either need a boyfriend or at least new friends.

  1. You’re always the third wheel

You’ve been the third wheel so many times, you can practically give Jane from 27 Dresses a run for her money. Firstly, it annoys you that your friend always gets her boyfriend along, instead of spending alone time with you. Secondly, why do they think watching them become a ball of mush is your idea of fun? *Googles how to sell your friends*

  1. Sometimes, all you need is someone to cuddle with

You’re single and lovin’ it. So what if your friends are busy? You can enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself, while reading a book. At least, that’s what you tell yourself…most days. But just sometimes, all you want to do is snuggle up with bae, watch something on Netflix and fight for the last slice of pizza. Except, Vicky Kaushal doesn’t know he had to show up. Or that he is your bae.

  1. Casual hook-ups don’t satisfy you emotionally

The effect wears off within a day of wham-bam-thank-you-maam. Plus, it’s so difficult to act interested when they go on about football. It fulfils your need of great sex but sometimes you miss waking up next to a face you love and having breakfast together.

  1. Dating apps are fun only for a day

The only kind of swiping I like is when the cashier asks me to put the pin, and gives me a whole load of pretty things I picked. What is this new age swiping? Honestly, it’s tiring and if I had so much time in hand – I’d be sleeping.

  1. Even your ex has found someone new

He makes sure to post a cheesy AF picture every week that probably makes you want to throw up – on their table – while he is feeding her fries. But seriously, even that dodo found someone?


  1. You have no contribution to the boyfriend goss with your BFFs

Sure, bitch about your boys, flaunt your sex lives. It’s not like people who are single like to feel included. I will sitting here in a corner feeling single.

  1. You miss bike rides, late night strolls and mushy talks

The thing is if you do this with a guy you don’t intend on dating, you’ll be worried he’s going to take this the wrong way. But can’t a single girl want to go on night bike rides and have chai stops?

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  1. Arranged marriage feels scary

You’re worried you will never find someone who suits your criteria. Else, you will have to probably find a shaadi match online. Which sucks. And if it’s upto your parents, they will get you a guy with oil dripping from his hair, or with weird nostrils. He’s in for quite the ride then.

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