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10 Random Thoughts That Cross Your Mind During Sex!

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We’re women. We’ve always got something on our minds… always. From Deepika Padukone’s seriously chiseled face to whether or not something’s burning on the stove, we have about a million thoughts running through our minds during the course of the day. Yes, often even when we’re having sex. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy sex, or that our partners aren’t any good, just that we’re great multi-taskers! That, and we do get bored sometimes.

Anyhoo, if you suffer from overactive brain syndrome too, you’ll know just how random those thoughts you have during sex can be. Here are 10 of the most random ones we’ve ever had while we were busy in the sack.

  1. Should I suck my tummy in?

Why did I eat rajma chawal before sex? Now I am carrying a food baby!

  1. I should have peed before

OMG! My bladder is bursting! Don’t pee, don’t pee!

  1. When will he cum?

This is taking loooonger than expected. Wow! But come soon?

  1. Am I doing this right?

I can’t ride to save my life! *tries to recall article on how to nail the cowgirl sex position*

  1. Did I separate my whites?

Great, all my whites will now be pinks. Would he get offended if I go and check?

  1. What should I eat?

Should I order a medium pizza or a large one? And oh, some fries! I need to restock my energy.

  1. Am I too quiet?

F**k, I totally forgot to throw in a few oohs and aahs. Is it too late now?

  1. Wow, the fan looks dirty

Also I didn’t realise my ceiling fan had four blades. Why is it moving so slow, though? And how long have we been in missionary?


  1. Why is Vicky Kaushal so cute?

That scene from Lust Stories. Vicky Kaushal’s picture of him licking an ice-cream. Why is he so hot? Okay, let’s get this going!

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  1. Where did I drop my underwear?

Just when I was getting back in the game, he’s done? Never mind. How did my underwear land on the floor?


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