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10 Little Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

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Millennial relationships are confusing. People know the dating game way too well, and they play their cards carefully. How do you know whether he is just  good at dating or if he is genuinely falling in love with you?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to assume that he is heading towards love territory. Because later, when your feelings aren’t reciprocated, it hurts like a full-blown punch. Or worse. Avoid that scenario, find out if he is falling in love with you. Here are 10 signs that say he is quite smitten by you.

1) He finds you attractive even when you are dressed down

Now this doesn’t mean that you stop putting effort into dressing nice. But remember that night when you met him straight from work, and you kinda sorta looked like a wreck? Guess what, that didn’t make him adore you any less. A guy who is falling in love with you will look beyond the LBDs and winged liners.

2) He cares for your health

So the thing about dating in today’s world is that almost everyone comes with a list of dos and don’ts. They know when you fall sick, they are supposed to check on you. But if it feels like almost a reflex for him, you know it’s genuine. Like it’s one thing to ask about your fever, and another to get you some soup.

3) He takes interest in your likes and dislikes

And how do you know whether he is genuinely interested in knowing what makes you happy? You’ll find him remembering the tiniest details that even you probably forgot having told him. He remembers you like your coffee strong and iced. When you go to a restaurant, he knows you want to order Thai curry and that also that you prefer sitting next to him and not across the table. It’s like he has the mental file system that has all things you in it!

4) He doesn’t hang up even if you put him on hold

You know how you’re talking to your friend and she puts you on hold and then you disconnect because hello, what are you supposed to do? But when he is falling in love with you, he will stay on call even if it takes you two whole minutes to get back. Sure, his mind may drift, but the moment you’re back his ears, eyes, soul and everything lights up!

5) You never see him looking at other girls

Though we don’t believe there’s anything wrong in casually glancing at someone (women do it too!), he has completely stopped checking out women. When he is out with you, his eyes are fixated on you. If he is closing down his options then it means only one thing – this man, right here, has fallen head over heels for you.

6) He loves all your moods and sides

While you’re a sweetheart generally, when you’ve had a rather sucky day. you can become a big ball of crank. But he knows how to handle your crazy side, which gives you all the more reason to *not* be cranky with him!

7) Notices you and spots any changes easily

Okay, please don’t expect him to notice the one cm trim you got done last evening. Cut the guy some slack. But he will definitely notice if your face looks tired, or if you have bought a new watch.

8) Defends your opinion in a group and takes your side

When we’re in love, we get biased towards them. When you’re in a group, he will naturally be inclined towards your opinion and be ready to take your side, if need be. Whether he actually agrees or not, he wants you to feel like you’re on the same side, on the same team.

9) He wants to meet you as often as you can

A guy who wants to keep intimacy with you limited will meet you only once in a while. But if he is falling in love with you, he will want to see you very often. He’ll plan his weekends around you and maybe even give up match night for you.

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10) You can feel it in his touch

When we’re in love, you end up touching each other involuntarily. While walking, your hands find each other. He puts his hand on the small of your back. When sitting next to him, he places his hand around your waist and you put yours on his thighs. And yet, all of this gives you a sense of comfort and security, without having any sexual undertones to it! That’s just how love is!


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