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10 Habits That Are As Vital As Sex For A Happy Relationship

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The thing about relationships is that it’s not all just romance. In the initial phase, all that love that you share may seem more than enough to make it last forever. But let’s break it to you – it’s not enough. We put so much effort into our work and career, developing good habits that will help us succeed, but our relationships require that too.

According to a study by the Marriage Foundation, couples who eat together say they are more happy with each other than those who routinely eat apart. They also reported that this habit is as vital as sex in a relationship, which must mean a lot because we know how important sex is! But we’re sure that’s not all.

So apart from sharing mealtime, here are 10 habits that we believe are as vital as sex in a relationship.

1. Sleep around the same time

Do you remember the beginning of your relationship when you used to sleep only after kissing each other goodnight? Happy couples resist the temptation to fall asleep before doing that. You feel a sense of oneness and being in sync, when you retire at the same time.

2. Touch each other often

No, not in a way that can make the eyes of people around you bleed. But subtle physical contact, like holding hands, him wrapping his arms around your waist, and you casually brushing his arm, makes a lot of difference. Touch each other often and you won’t let your romance fade into thin air.

3. Don’t underestimate greetings

Once you get too comfortable in a relationship, greeting each other feels unimportant. On the initial few dates, you make sure to greet him with a hug, and kiss them goodbye at the end of it. Why stop it later? Make sure every single time you meet them, he knows how happy you are to do so!

4. Plan date nights

Having regular date nights is not optional, but rather essential! Take turns to plan an entire night, and with full dedication. Going out to the same Chinese restaurant for the 100th time doesn’t count. Believe it or not, courting and wooing each other with regular dates will keep the spark alive.

5. Put phones away

Let’s admit, we’re all guilty of being engrossed in our Instagram feeds even when sitting next to bae. This will prevent you from having a meaningful conversation and truly enjoying each other’s company. Make it a habit to keep your phone aside when in the company of your SO and even otherwise.


6. Walk side by side

When you are heading to the same destination, it’s kinda horrible to have one partner constantly trying to catch up with the other. It actually says a lot about your relationship, if you dig deeper into this. Walking side by side, preferably holding hands will make the stroll a beautiful one. And it will make you feel you’re on the same page.

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7. Check on them during the day

We aren’t saying keep pestering bae throughout the day. But it’s important to check with him once during the day, at least to know his mood. So when you talk to him at night, and he’s had a bad day, you’ll know he needs to be cheered up.

8. Make forgiveness your default setting

We aren’t meant to be grudge-holding machines! No relationship was ever sustained on fights and grudges. So make forgiveness your default mode. Look at him with empathy and his little irritating habits will stop bothering you. How else can you be in a long-term relationship with another human?

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9. Say I love you everyday

Yes, it’s no secret that you love each other, but it doesn’t mean you stop saying it often. We say, let him know every single day that you love him. It’s just three words, but it can make him happier and more secure.

10. Hug like it’s your first or last

Happy couples don’t hug like there are several more chances to get it right. They do it like it’s their one and final chance. Hug your partner and hold him a bit longer. According to Psychology Today, our skin remembers the good touch (love), the bad touch (abuse) and the lack of touch (neglect). Hugging him every time you meet will make your body remember his love, even after he’s left.


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