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10 Funny Things Every Drunk Girl Has Said To Her BFFs

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In every group of girls, there’s always the ‘mother’ – the sane one who doles out advice and is stuffing lemon in your mouth at the end of a drunken night. Those nights when everyone decides to do shots are never for you.  There’s also the very drunk friend who is extremely enthused all night and insists you dance to every number even if it kills you. The thing about alcohol is, you don’t know you’re *that* drunk, but everybody else? Yeah, they know. Drunkenness is like stupidity. You can hide it, possibly if you’re quiet. But once you open your mouth, the cat is pretty much out of the bag!

But hey, we love those anyway because honestly, a drunk conversation is one of the most fun kind of conversations ever. Here are 10 things girls say when they are drunk AF.


  1. You’re so hot/I love what you’re wearing

Omg! Your dress is so perfect. Where did you get it from? It’s sooooo hot. You’re so pretty!

  1. You’re my best friend

This is so much fun. You’re the only one who gets me. Come join us? Oh, you have your own friends? Shit, didn’t think this through.

  1. Shots?

Let’s do shots!! First round is on me guys! *gets a heart attack looking at the bank statement the next day*

  1. I love you!

You guys are the best people in the whole world! *leaves slobbery kisses all over their face*

  1. That’s my song

Yells out just the chorus because you’re too drunk to remember the entire song.

  1. Why did I wear these shoes?

Okay, these shoes are killing my feet. I don’t think I can dance anymore. Okay, f**k these, I am going barefoot. *attacks dance floor, looks like she’s in the need of the help of a mental health professional*

  1. Why am I not getting drunk?

This is my fourth drink guys! I need to be drunk. Why am I not drunk? *face plants on the floor*


  1. I need to text him

I miss him. This song used to be our song. Does he miss me too? Should I text him? Ooo I should text him!

  1. Let’s click a selfie!

Because you know the 156 selfies we clicked earlier might not suffice.

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  1. I want to dance more

Why did the music stop? I want to dance more! My beer is not even over yet. Okay. I need to pee! Where are we going after this?


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