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5 Useful Ways To Avoid A Raging Post Party Hangover

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The best way to avoid a hangover completely is to not drink any alcohol. But let’s be realistic. That would be boring AF. So obviously, we need the next best thing. Which is a complete lowdown on how to dodge that raging headache, cotton-mouthed feeling- the dreaded hangover. No matter how much you drink, a little bit of wooziness always gets you the morning after. Whether it is nausea, headache, dizziness, or general misery that often follows an intense night of drinking, here are 5 ways in which you can avoid feeling like the your head is a busy construction site, the morning after.

1. Eat A Filling Meal

Before you drink up, make sure you’re not hungry! Avoid eating a salad and grab a burger instead. Eat a heavy meal consisting of carbs, protein and fat before you take your first sip of spirit so that the alcohol takes time to get absorbed into your system.

2. Skip The Bubbly

Avoid drinking champagne and have wine instead. The bubbles in champagne may accelerate the absorption of alcohol which will make you drunk faster and cause massive hangovers.

3. Dance The Night Away

Dance your butt off. Break a sweat on the dance floor while you drink the night away. This will ensure that you don’t hold the drink for too long, which in turn will help you drink less. Plus, it will make sure that you drink a lot of water due to the dehydration which is always a good thing.

4. Get Enough Rest

This is probably one of the things that you’ve heard the most, but never implemented. Hangovers are most likely caused when people don’t get enough sleep. It probably won’t prevent the hangover all together but it will definitely improve your immunity and ensure that your body handles a night of heavy drinking in the best possible way.

5. Splurge On The Alcohol

You might think that some people are too snobby when they choose to buy expensive drinks rather than binge-ing on cheap shots. These expensive drinks have a low level of impurities and toxins which can make your hangover less severe. In return, you’re more likely to slowly drink is and you won’t need to get a million glasses of drinks through the night.


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