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Organic Pads Are Actually A Thing, And They Can Be Delivered To Your Doorstep!

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he only brand in the world to offer organic feminine hygiene products, Organyc not only includes sanitary napkins and tampons, but also panty liners and baby wipes.

So how are these products organic? Well, they’re made with 100% organic cotton and are free from all those things that can be harmful to your body and the environment — such as chemicals, synthetics, pesticides — and they are totally biodegradable too.

The outer wrap and backing for the pads and liners are made from a bio-polymer, which is compositible and biodegradable. Thanks to the organic cotton, it’s hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

And you know that uncomfortable feeling you get thanks to a pad-chaffing? Well, this product is supposed to reduce overheating and itching that is caused by that — which means, no awkward walking!

The brand was founded in Italy and is now sold in over 31 countries across the world. Brought to India by The Organic Code, an organic product curator, this is one of the first of its kind across the world.

Oh, and guess what. The brand ambassador is none other than Sherry Shroff!

The products are available online on Nykaa, Scootsy, and Amazon, as well as leading chemists across the country.

Comfortable and environmentally friendly, these sanitary products are a step forward for a more sustainable and healthy living. Here’s to an eco-friendly period!


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