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Kurdish Women Soldiers Were Key Players In Bringing The ISIS Down And We Applaud Them

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Women if anything, have been two things when it comes to war, either the reason why big battles and wars have been fought or the victims of all bloodshed and atrocities. Having been traded like commodities , women often stand the most impacted and sadly, most powerless.

But not anymore. After decades of going through all sorts of torment and submission, the women combatants of Kurdistan moved in to completely terminate ISIS from their stronghold in Baghouz, Eastern Syria. The caliphate that had been known to hold public executions and killing thousands of people at a time, was invaded by the Syrian Democratic forces, in coalition with the Arab and Kurdish soldiers to finally end their reign of terror.

YPJ, the all-women combat unit was key to bringing the ISIS down. In fact, this unit is actually feared by the ISIS, who believe that death by a female in combat will hurt their chances of entering heaven. The YPJ recruits in their teens and twenties, knowing that the cost of war is probably going to be their womanhood, volunteered to fight against their biggest and common enemy – ISIS. And fought they have. These women, most of whom come from a sheltered family, never being trained enough to fight a war, still were enough with their vigour, anger and courage, to make this landmark event in the history happen.

Documentaries showing just how hard and fiercely these young women have fought have been released, showing them train for a little over a month, learning how to shoot, fight, and take care of their guns and themselves at the front lines.

Reports had confirmed how ISIS had been living off the money they were making through their transactions of sex slavery, extortion and smuggling. So much so that an entire population of women seized to exist after they had abducted and smuggled over 7000 women for human and sex trafficking.

The website states that, “Al Jazeera reported that Kurdish soldiers from the YPJ had singlehandedly killed over 100 Islamic State fighters. In the defense of Kobani, it was reported that up to 40% of the resistance fighting force against ISIS was made up of Kurdish women.”


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