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Japanese Tabloid Ranks Women’s Colleges On Ease Of Having Sex With Students And We Can’t Even…

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What should you do if you are a tabloid with a considerable following? You’d think you would put it to good use and we use the term ‘good’ broadly here, given that tabloids are not really known for serious journalism. However, what you possibly wouldn’t expect, even from the most ‘out there’ tabloids is an article about which women are the easiest to bed. Hold your jaw, this just happened. Japanese tabloid Spa landed itself in a lot of trouble, and rightly so, after it offended every single woman (an accomplishment this) by publishing an article ranking Japanese women’s universities on how easy it is to convince students to have sex at drinking parties. Yes, this happened.

We want to say we are surprised but we are not putting anything beyond people nowadays. What we are struggling with is to understand why it created such an outrage. After all, this article only objectified, sexualized and disrespected women. Isn’t this an every day thing now?

The tabloid that spa-rked this riot, issued an apology stating, “We would like to apologise for using sensational language to appeal to readers about how they can become intimate with women and for creating a ranking… with real university names… that resulted in a feature that may have offended readers”. This realisation happened only after a woman launched a campaign seeking an apology for this offending issue and had about 28,000 plus people lending support.

Because until then they thought of this piece of information, completely valid and important to distribute. We wonder what would’ve been next.

Her petition garnered more than just reparation. It gave everyone around another reality check, that there are better and perhaps more decent ways to gather those sales.


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