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Jacinda Ardern Is The Kind Of Leader Indian Politicians Could Learn A Lot From

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Ever since the tragic shooting at the two mosques in Christchurch, the world has seemingly come undone. People have chosen to react differently to this tragedy, some with anger, some with vengeance and some with pure despair.

And during this time, when the country was still gathering itself from what it had witnessed, Jacinda Ardern, the 38-year-old Prime Minister, became the voice of the nation that was struggling through grief. A voice of reason and solace. And she has been everything that the country needs right now, being a reassuring, full of empathy while still displaying powerful leadership.

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While we have plenty of people involved in politics in India, we are still to find ones that aren’t engaged in petty squabbles and beleaguering Twitter wars with trolls. There are lessons we could all learn from PM of New Zealand and here are some of them.

Since the terror attacks, the young PM  terror attacks has shown a quiet yet powerful leadership, by focusing on the need of the hour. Which is not speeches about revenge, but offer quiet but strong words of reassurance. A thing our politicians could definitely use.

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"He is a terrorist, he is a criminal, he is an extremist, but he will, when I speak, be nameless, and to others I implore you: Speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them. He may have sought notoriety but we in New Zealand will give him nothing — not even his name." – The grief-stricken face of a true leader: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put on a hijab to mourn the #Christchurch victims, committed to pay for the funerals, pledged to provide financial assistance for the families and is changing gun laws. Reposted from @womensmarch #LeadWithCompassion #TurnToLove #NewZealandShooting #Newzealand #Terrorism #Intolerance #HateCrime #Leadership #Woman #FemaleLeadership #Victims #Laws #humanrightsclub

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She has chosen to not speak of the name of the shooter, to not let him have any power in this tragedy and instead, urged the nation to take the names of the victims and those who need support the most during this chaotic time. A quiet resolve, and in this silence about the name, she has chosen to make this about rebuilding rather than tearing down.

After the attacks, Jacinda instead of offering just rudimentary lip service, was on the ground, tending to the families of those who got killed in the tragedy. In these testing times, she was been with the ones who got affected, sharing their pain and offering condolences.

Being a Prime Minister, Jacinda is setting an example to the nation, and for us. She’s leading by example, not dwelling on the anger and retaliation but talking of healing and getting through this, together. Her leadership remains unquestioned. During all this time the leader did not falter, even for a second. Her ‘clarity and decisiveness’ in words of Sam Sachdeva and her ‘solace and steel’ leadership have come to the fore helping New Zealand through these tumultuous times.


She’s all action. Instead of empty promises, Jacinda has said the gun laws in the country will change in 10 days. For many other countries struggling with tragedies of this kind, it’s a stellar example. If you really want to do it, you can.


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