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A Chinese Bank Wants Female Employees To Seek Approval Before Getting Pregnant. WTF?

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Right when you think you’ve seen everything in your life, China comes and surprises you. And while you can’t help but sit back and watch a story like this unfold.  A bank in China’s Shijiazhuang Province, has recently been found to forcing female employees to seek approval of the bank a year prior to getting pregnant.

But before you launch into an animated protest, wait up because it gets worse. The women are also subject to punishment or an abortion should they happen to get pregnant without approval. The bank has clearly found different and more creative ways to curb an individual’s choice.

Because we are so curious, we obviously wanted to know more. For example, would female employees have to put in a request to have sex as well? And if it is unprotected, will it have to be done under some sort of supervision? Will people jump out from behind curtains and pull all stops to ensure no sort of pregnancy takes place? Looks like we will never know.

Apparently, in an act of generosity, female employees can pee as and when they want. It is said on hearing this, many of the employees fell on their knees in an act of gratitude.

The bank claims that this sort of family planning would help the business to not suffer for when female employees go on maternity leaves, because having months of notice about the pregnancy is simply not enough to warrant any sort of action at their end.


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