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5 YouTube Channels For A Fun At-Home Workout

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Like most others, I believe that exercise is important. I’m not the kind of girl who can follow a stringent diet. Salads and cereal are not my idea of a meal. I’m the kind who can NEVER compromise on food. I eat my fill, but I do believe in working it out.

Since my mother is strongly against the entire idea of anybody going to the gym, I have to make do with other forms of exercise. Be it a quick walk in the evenings (no, I’m not a morning person) or a fun solo dance session when no one’s around, I try to cram in some exercise whenever I find the time.

Yeah, I can’t go to the gym and earn myself a body of steel. But there is one thing I can do and so can you — if you don’t have the time to go to the gym everyday, try to squeeze in some exercise at home.

How? One word — YouTube! Everything that you need is available right here. What’s more, with the festive season upon us, you’re going to be consuming tons of sweets. It’s all you can do to balance it out with a good, solid workout. So, we’ve curated a list of 5 YouTubers you can follow for a fun at-home workout. So the next time you complain about that bit of extra weight or wanting to stay fit, go on to YouTube. These fitness instructors will feel like your very own personal trainers. What’s more? You can work out in the comfort of your homes. Score!


1. Blogilates

Blogilates is a YouTube channel run by Cassey Ho, a POP pilates instructor. Trust me, this woman’s energy is infectious AF. She’s always got a big smile on her face and her motivational words will keep you going. Her bright and colourful videos range from fat-burning cardio workouts and dance workouts to more defined ones like toned arms, plié squats, and more. She also uploads lots of healthy recipes that you can try for yourselves. You can even go check out her website, where she sets up monthly goals for her followers. If a fun, preppy workout is what you need, in Cassey you must trust. She generally uploads new videos every Monday, but sometimes, she can surprise you with more!


2. Namrata Purohit – Glamrs

Just a little over 20, Namrata Purohit is a certified Pilates instructor. She’s been known to coach Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Arjun Kapoor. Her videos are easy to follow and will earn you wonderful results if you’re regular and committed. From full body workouts to exercises you can do whilst sitting on your chair, there’s nothing this young lady hasn’t thought of! She is also the author of the book titled The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Being Fit. You can find all her videos on the Glamrs channel.


3. Tracy Campoli

‘You deserve a body and life you love’…is what Tracy Campoli’s channel says. This lifestyle and wellness coach aims to make women worldwide love themselves and their bodies. She has a variety of videos on her channel. You can find the regular workouts and toning sessions here, as well as food plans, healthy breakfast ideas, and a lot of positive motivation. Tracy never loses her smile. She’ll be smiling and egging you on from the beginning of the video until the very end. Tracy Campoli uploads new videos every Thursday.


4. Yoga With Adriene

Pretty woman Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher and an actor. To bring her favourite form of exercise to the masses, she teamed up with her film buddy Christopher Sharpe to create this channel. The best part about Adriene is that she encourages you to find what feels good for yourself. You don’t have to follow her every move or follow her to the T. You can find a pace you’re comfortable with, and stick to it. She also has a way of establishing a personal connection with her viewers and you will see it for yourselves once you start! From videos on yoga for beginners to more elaborate ones like yin yoga, her channel has it all. You’re guaranteed to feel relaxed and vibrant, afterward. She uploads new videos every Wednesday.


5. Tone It Up

Aiming for that perfect beach body? Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina are here to help. Their infectious energy is bound to keep you motivated throughout the length of your workout. Their videos range from stretching, yoga, toning, and special series using a TIU ball, a Kettle band, and other props to give you the most out of your workout. Apart from that, they also offer beauty tips and advice on healthy snacking! Think of them as your clued-in, virtual besties. Go ahead and follow a daily workout pattern on their website.

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