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Youtube Star Lilly Singh Has Come Out As Bisexual And The Internet Is Beyond Excited

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In 2017, she ranked 10th on Forbes list of Youtube’s highest paid stars. She has 14 million subscribers on Youtube in 2019, all of who love what she stands for and the work she does. And today, Lilly Singh, internet’s original Superwoman came out to the world as ‘bisexual’. She announced this on Twitter and followed it up with a post on Instagram which had people smashing that like button with a frenzy.

Of course, this caused quite a stir online and the reactions have ranged from surprise that she kept it on the down low for so long to people saying they had an inkling all along. Let’s just say everyone had something to say. For the most part, the reactions have been positive and funny, pretty much like Lilly herself.

Here are some of the reactions that got us smiling.


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