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Your Joggers Didn’t Sit Right Because They Were Made For Men, Just In Smaller Sizes. What? But Adidas Is Changing That

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I was very young when I started dancing. 7 years old, my mother tells me. And since then began my journey towards dance and fitness, all of which I till date cherish and give the credit to, for making me as disciplined and as fit as I am today. And while for most people the struggle during such intense training is keeping up with the exhausting exercises and eating healthy, for me it was being able to find the right kinds of clothes for training, that would fit. A struggle that was faced by many women, because nothing seems to really sit right. And the last thing you want when you are working out is to worry about your bra pinching you. That was up until recently, when it was busted open by what was Adidas Original’s latest campaign – ‘Now Is Her Time’, that revealed the real reason behind all of those badly-fitted clothes.

Adidas Originals, in collaboration with Pharrell Williams has launched a new campaign to empower women by exploring the theme of sexuality, gender and identity and coinciding it with the launch of their new clothing line, that aims at bringing a unisex collection of clothes and shoes for its consumers. In an inspiring post on Instagram, the brand shared a picture of Pharrell Williams standing alongside a bunch of women, from fit to curvy to pregnant, all of whom represent inclusivity. And while we are glad for such a late yet due awakening, we are more relieved for the fact that women would now have athleisure to choose from, that is designed for them.

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For the longest time, there was no specific athlesiure that was being designed for women. They were just being served from the men’s collection in smaller sizes and that is why we struggled to fit ourselves into tanks and tights that just wouldn’t flatter our body. Set to change the narrative and soon enough the skewed reality of gender discrimination, Adidas released this campaign with a powerful video where people talk about how now is the time for us women, and they are here for it. No matter how late, but they’re here.

The post on Instagram says, “Now is her time to be powerful. Now is her time to run the world. Now is her time to teach us all. Now is her time to equalize the playing field. Now is her time to stand up for her right to choose. Now is her time.” And it honestly is heartening to see and promote. The campaign is flooded with pictures that seek to promote women from all walks of life and empower them to take on to the world.

The campaign touches upon an expanse of topics and dialogues that fall under women empowerment, from sexuality to gender equality. And we are glad to see big brands consciously making a shift towards assuming their role in social responsibility.

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