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Kalki Koechlin Makes Powerful Statements About Virginity, Sex And Consent In This Piece

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Kalki Koechlin is known for taking up unconventional roles and making them come alive, and more importantly for speaking her mind slamming patriarchy in the face. She recently spoke about sex and virginity in her article that she wrote for Hindustan Times.

The 34-year-old actress touched upon topics that require our immediate attention, especially sex and consent. She went on to write and this is the most important bit of it. “No’ is not a conversation starter but a full statement in itself. We have this culture of wearing down a person… where a guy keeps at it even when the woman has said no, hoping that she will eventually get tired of resisting and will give in. So, you try and try again until the ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’. We need to address this”

We couldn’t agree more. For a while now, Bollywood has perpetrated this notion that if you keep at it, keep wooing her despite her categorically saying no, she will change her stance at some point. There have been entire songs dedicated to this.

Kalki then echoed our sentiments perfectly when she says that sex should neither be regarded as holy nor dirty. And then she dropped a truth bomb when she says, “Virginity is not some treasure that a girl needs to protect and then give it as a gift to her husband. When you label something as dirty, you make it more enticing. When you label something as holy, you make it a power thing.”

She talks about how in the race to educate the girls about sex, we can’t forget about educating the boys about how to behave and deal with the modern-age woman. She talks about the importance of talking about sexual violence but also to talk about sexual pleasure and desire. She’s pretty blunt when she says they need to know both to know the difference. This is a woman after our own heart!

Kalki’s piece comes at a very important time, a time when we are experiencing a pivotal shift in attitudes towards sex and pleasure and she says everything that needs to be said. It couldn’t have come at a better time.


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