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Yes, The Aunty Is Wrong And She Has Apologised But We Think This Could’ve Been Done Better

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If you are even remotely connected to social media, or any platform for that matter, chances are you are already in the know of the virality of a certain video, that filled people with rage and disgust.

Let’s bring you to speed in case you have no idea what we are talking about. The video was made by a group of girls, one of whom, Shivani Gupta, was called out by a lady for what she was wearing. Already, the entire thing should sound like something out of a bad movie. Because what she went on to say was along the lines of “agar tumhe aisi ladkiyan dikhein, toh inka rape kar dena (if you ever see such girls, you should rape them). At this point you’re hoping this is the figment of someone’s imagination, but it’s not. The lady in question was actually suggesting this to the 7 men sitting and dining in the restaurant where this episode happened.

At first, the girls sought to avoid the disturbing comments, as did the men that were eating at the restaurant. But later on, still not being able to shake the nastiness off, they gathered up some courage to seek and confront her, this time on camera.

The video that has been going viral, shows how the group of girls cornered the woman asking her to repeat exactly what she had dared to say before. One would think, as per the flow of the story, it is now when we’d finally get to hear an apology from the woman, but no. The woman did not budge from her statement, in fact made a few more and an apology was far from what she gave to the girls.

Of course, for anyone watching the video, you are immediately infuriated at the woman’s comments. The fact that a woman herself, is outright promoting a heinous crime like rape for women wearing short clothes, proves that the fight here is not against men and women, but against the misogyny and patriarchy that is prevalent in our society.

However, here’s the thing. We agree at a very fundamental level that the woman should have been called out. But the approach the girls used was perhaps a bit immature. Yes, they stood up against it but cornering the woman probably made her more defensive that anything else. Of course, we get it. The girls did what made sense to them at that point and was probably driven by the need to be validated but maybe there was a better way?


In the latest update, the lady has apologised in a Facebook post saying ‘…I value a woman’s dignity.’ and she extends an apology to the woman who’s sentiments have been hurt.

On the daily, countless women go through such episodes, and while that makes it common, doesn’t make it less traumatic. In the metro, at office, during parties, and even while at family gatherings. The fact that it doesn’t get viral doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. But videos like these, at least hold a mirror to the bitter truth and makes us wonder, that maybe one day, it wouldn’t be like this anymore.


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