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Yeh Sindoor From Mission Mangal Celebrates The Powerful Women Of India And We Love It!

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For a long long time, we’ve been told that behind every successful man, there is a woman. And we agree. And if we were to add to that statement, we’d go ahead and say that behind every successful  Mars Orbiter Mission also, there is a woman or 5, making it possible. As they did during India’s own Mission to Mars, depicted in the upcoming film Mission Mangal that is set to hit the theatres this Independence day.

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One of the most highly anticipated movies, this film brings together an impeccable cast and a compelling re-telling of the time ISRO made its first and successful interplanetary launch to Mars in 2013. And while the audience had already been gripped by its trailer, that left most of us with goosebumps, the makers have released yet another promo that has touched our hearts. Akshay Kumar posted it on his Instagram handle and wrote, “Jitna uncha ho asmaan, yeh sindoor utni door tak jaayega! Here’s celebrating the women of India who make dreams come true! ”

Showing glimpses of all the actresses from the cast, that play a pivotal role into making Mission Mangal a success, the promo comes across as an ode to the females of not just the narrative, but of the world, who go around making impossible things turn into bright and raging realities. The lyrics go like, “Mangalsutra gale me hai , Aur Mangal pe hai najar gadi, Bharat ki beti ki udaan, Kal sara jag dohrauega, Ye Sindoor dur tak jaayega.” It’s been so long that we’ve seen women celebrated that it’s got us all excited.

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The poem, that brings out the essence of a woman by the mention of her sindoor, her kangan, her kajal and her ambition,  is narrated by Akshay Kumar who plays the role of getting the team of these incredible women together for the mission. Sonakshi Sinha, who also plays a lead in the film, had revealed how the movie celebrates the women of India, and with this promo, we now know what she was talking about.

The film that was earlier speculated to be sexist based on its poster release, but it has more than made up with the trailer and now with the promo release. One thing is certain, this movie goes way beyond just India’s space mission to Mars. It is an ode to every woman who steps out of her house to make a livelihood for herself and her family, who doesn’t bow down to the pressures of society when it comes to pursuing her ambitions and who is isn’t scared to go after her dreams and fulfilling them.

It shows that women are more than capable of reaching to the moon and stars, of making India proud and of being treated equally, for they are not behind in any way. They never were. And that is exactly, what this poem says.

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