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Yami Gautam Says She Felt Stereotyped In The Role Of A Pretty, Dainty Woman But Is Glad Things Are Changing. But Are They?

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I love myself an outspoken, strongly opinionated woman who has the spine to stand for what is right and wrong. And not because I am one, well not only cuz of that, but also because we really need women like them in a time like this, when being pushed over by the society and it’s stereotypes is not an option anymore. And so, every time we see any woman and celebrity actress taking a stand for the changing times, we are elated and jump right on that train. Which is exactly what I thought I’d do after I heard Yami Gautam making a statement about stereotypes changing, but then I listened to all of what she said and it didn’t make much sense.

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In an interview with Midday after the raging success of her latest release Bala alongside Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar, the actress was asked about a lot of things, all to which she replied with much enthusiasm. But then came the part where she talked about wanting to do more meaty roles and that is when the confusion started rolling in. Touching upon the topic of her picking up rather meaty roles, the Bala actress said, “I know what I am capable of as an actor. I am aware of my talent, but I can’t showcase it to the world unless I’m offered parts that do justice to my potential. I was stereotyped as a dainty pretty girl, and it’s finally changing.”

And as much as we would like to agree with the former part of her statement where she talks about being stereotyped into a dainty pretty girl, we wouldn’t likely agree to the latter where she claims things to be changing. For the simple reason that they really aren’t. I mean think about it, and think back to all of the roles played by Yami Gautam over the years, all of them have majorly been roles of nice, pretty and miss goody-two shoes kind of a perfect woman. Including her last release Bala where she plays the role of a superficial woman who is brand ambassador of a fairness cream. And we aren’t gonna say much on that, except that last we checked, Yami Gautam IRL too, does in fact endorse a fairness cream…

The point being, that her statement has left us rather confused over what change is she really referring to. Because believe it or not, the industry has in fact stereotyped not just her but a lot of other actresses, and reserved them for only a certain kind of role, that indeed needs to change and for the better. Because having only fair skinned actresses play all the roles, even of those characters with dusky skin tones is just not acceptable.

Of course, Yami could perhaps be talking about how even taking up a stereotyped role in Bala in turn helped in busting such stereotypes, but then again there needs to be a lot more diversification for the industry to actually be able to claim that change is on its way. However, guess it doesn’t harm to be as hopeful as Yami on this one!

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