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7 Habits Of Girls Who Love Themselves!

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Even if Valentine’s Day is over, the hint of sweet, sweet love is still in the air. Maybe, that’s why it’s a little chilly.

Jokes apart, I’m not against love. I’m all for relationships. But the best form of love is the kind you have for yourself. ‘Cause in the end, no one else will matter in life but you.

So, it’s time you start caring more about yourself, and less for people who are temporary. There are some people who prioritise themselves over everything else. You may call them selfish… I say they know what they want in life, and you could learn a thing or two from them. Or hell, even 7.

Here are a few habits of people who love themselves!


1. They know how to say ‘no’

There are people who think they should do everything that comes their way. In the long run, this is the most harmful thing to do. People who love themselves know when to say no. They know it’s not possible to do everything. To make sure you’re happy, develop this skill. Yes, it’s a skill. It’ll be difficult initially, but you’ll get into the groove.


2. They take risks

People who truly love themselves are often adventurous and they take risks. And they are happier for it. So, if something scares you, take a chance and do it. Take a risk gives you that much-needed adrenaline rush. Plus, you’ll be proud after achieving that goal, and trust me, there isn’t a better feeling than that.


3. They prioritise their health

More often than not, we keep going even when our bodies are telling us not to. Well, people who love themselves don’t. They know when to call it a day. So, yes, give your body the rest it needs. Don’t ignore the signals your body is sending you. And while you’re at it, stop popping pills for everything. Take the day off if you need to, and you won’t regret it!


4. They treat mental health as important too

People who love themselves take care of their mental health. They talk about their troubles, but don’t obsess over them. Plus, they allow themselves time to relax, and just breathe. If you’re mentally exhausted, you might need to do the same. Detach from work and the pressures of life, and allow yourself to destress. You’ll be a stronger, happier person at the end of the tunnel.


5. They celebrate the little wins

People who love themselves don’t ignore the little stuff that makes their lips curve every day. Whether it’s a successful business meeting, a thank you note from a colleague or your favourite meal in the tiffin… The joys are endless, and we need to start recognising them.


6. They surround themselves with happy people

It’s only logical. If you are with people who love themselves, you’ll catch the vibe too. You’ll naturally feel good about yourself too. Compliment them, compliment yourself, and enjoy a fulfilling life together.


7. They set goals, and plan towards them

It’s good to live life as it comes. But happy people know that it’s practical to set goals and tick them off, one by one. Setting goals and working towards them will ensure you’re feeling motivated to live well, and go after your dreams. And while you’re doing this, don’t forget to dream big!


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