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The Worlds Most Expensive Bag, Made From Alligator Skin, Will Help Save The Oceans. It’s Extremely Ironic

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Pollution and climate change are very serious issues. Mankind has successfully ruined the environment to a point of no return. And the least we can do is alter our lives to ensure we don’t do anything to add to the chaos that already exists. We have people like Greta Thunberg fighting climate change tooth and nail but perhaps, more awareness needs to be spread. Especially in matters like ocean pollution. And that is exactly what this Italian designer is trying to do by releasing the worlds most expensive bag. This bag costs a whooping €6m (Rs 52,40,15,409). BRB, picking my jaw off the floor. 

The beautiful bag, created by the luxury Italian brand, Boarini Milanesi,  is made from semi-shiny alligator. It is embellished with a diamond pavé accessory and 10 white gold butterflies with sapphires, diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines. Totally the bag is over 130 carats. I would say that this is a little OTT but a whole new word needs to be made to convey my feelings. I mean, just this description called me poor in like seven languages. 

Hold on, it gets better. It takes 1,000 hours to make each bag and currently there are only three of them available. The luxury brand is concerned about the lasting impact that non-biodegradable plastics have on marine life. Which is why €800,000 (Rs 7,06,33,279) of the proceeds will go towards operations that clean the oceans. 

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The brand’s co-founder Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi said, “Recently, I have seen even more plastic in the sea than when I was a child, due to the pandemic and all the gloves and face masks that are being carelessly thrown away.” He also added that the bag is inspired by memories of his father, who was committed to clean water and who died when Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi was a teenager. 

How extremely ironic is it that a bag created to “save the oceans” is made from alligator skin? Yikes.

Anyway, this bag is the world’s most expensive bag and a huge chunk of its earnings will go into making our oceans cleaner and more habitable for marine life. So despite the glaring irony, it’s a good initiative. 

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