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Facebook Means Business With The Launch Of Workplace

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We all are well aware that Mark Zuckerberg and his minions have taken over our personal lives, courtesy, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. And now, the most popular social networking site has decided to invade our work lives too. It has launched Workplace, a digital space that is essentially Facebook for offices. You can now chat in real time, live video with your boss, and basically socialise with everyone at work on a personal level.

To clear this up — your boss will now have control over your Facebook. Okay…the IT department, but you know what I mean! Good news for all the bosses who were fed up of their employees’ addiction to social media…bad news for, well, most of us. It was launched earlier this week after being in trial for almost 2 years. Currently, 1,000 companies are using this new site, including biggies like Starbucks and Yes Bank. After getting a positive response from them, Facebook decided to make the its business version public.

It is a platform where everyone from the most junior-level employee to the founder of the company can get to know each other — if they want to, that is. With Workplace, Facebook wants to make mails, or rather, Gmail, extinct. While that is going to be a tortoise-slow process, it definitely will help increase office cohesiveness. Whatever you or your team shares will be seen only by them, thereby causing less trouble to those whose feeds we constantly spam with our office activities. On the other hand, mixing personal and professional lives has always been a tricky affair. And if you block someone, the whole office will know. Positive side? Your office peeps (hopefully) won’t find out about your affinity for baby photos or cat videos.

Workplace is free for about 3 months, after which you have to pay according to the plan you choose. Looking at how Facebook has a few billion users, we won’t be surprised if this app garners a lot of interest too! Plus, this move comes at a time when the site has almost saturated the number of users it can get on board, as everyone from you to your neighbour’s dog is on it. And thus the step to venture into the professional world. Apparently, the company has high expectations from India and foresees it becoming one of the largest markets for Workplace. Well, only time will tell how that works out.


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