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Dormant Butt Syndrome Is Real, And Here’s How You Can Avoid it!

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Dormant butt syndrome is the latest muscular disaster to hit down south, and when we tell you what exactly it is, all you working peeps are definitely going to relate.

If you haven’t guessed it already, DBS or glute amnesia is when your butt muscles basically forget their job. They are usually meant to absorb impact when you walk or run, but unfortunately do not anymore. This usually occurs when you’re constantly seated for long hours and your hip flexors start to tighten.

This causes pain in your ankles, lower back, hips, and knees! Who knew so much pain could come from just sitting, right?

So if you’re extremely freaked out about your sagging butt, then we’re pretty sure you’ve already opened your gym’s “Renew Membership” page. However, if you’re one who is tied up in your work-life, then fret not… We’ve got some quickies you can squeeze in at office.

Wake up those dormant glutes with these five exercises — it’s time to rise and shine!


1. The silent squeeze

Spend 10 minutes every two hours engaging your glutes while sitting still on your seat. All you have to do is clench your butt muscles; squeeze and hold for about 5-10 seconds, and release.

2. The Stairway to heaven

An age-old exercise, using the stairs whenever you want to head up to your office will awaken those muscles instantly. Alternate between taking quick and short steps, and skipping steps with longer strides.

3. The squat-on-desk

Roll your chair away and squat in front of your desk instead of sitting on a chair. Making sure your spine is aligned, engage your core and your legs while you do so.

4. The leg-raiser

Sitting at your desk and need a little livening up? Well then, simply lift your legs up and lower them down slowly, without touching the floor. Similarly, you can alternate between legs, focusing on one at a time. This way you engage your core, along with your legs!

5. The squat and pee

Every time you go to pee, do 15 squats before doing the job. Drink loads of water during the day, so that you visit the toilet often. This way you will awaken your butt, along with your thighs (and your bladder).


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