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Work From Home Might Be Boring But I Am Relearning How To Interact With My Parents And It’s…Interesting

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This is day two of work from home and can I just say, it has been an extremely bittersweet experience. I know that for some of you this is like a mini-vacation. Sleeping till 11:30, having a lavish breakfast, switching on your computer, logging into work and then spending the rest of the day binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the side. I know this is a little too specific, but I swear that is not what I am doing (wink wink).

Okay if I am being honest, I hate this self-quarantine shit because I am not an indoor person. I hate being confined in my house all day doing nothing (working, I mean working). I also hate the fact that I can’t go anywhere, and I have no one to talk to, obviously. This is exactly why I would never commit a crime I don’t think I would be able to handle life behind bars. Yes, my priorities are in place.

I understand that 177 (and counting) people have been infected with coronavirus and it is our utmost priority right now to stay safe which means staying at home and away from people. It’s like we are living inside an introvert’s dream and it is pure torture. Also, working from home means your bed is always literally five feet away and sometimes in the middle of the day (like right now) you can hear it calling you. So yeah, like I said this is torture. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I miss my office desk and my uncomfortable chair.

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But there are a few things I have learned from spending so much time at home. The first thing is that I need to spend more time at home. I mean, I have missed out on so much family gossip because I am always either working or chilling (yeah, I have a great life). Today at lunch when my mom and my aunt were gossiping about another aunt, I felt this unusual feeling of FOMO in my own house.

Also, I realized that there need to be classes called “interacting with your parents as adults 101”. Believe it or not, I have more quarrels with my mother in the last two days than I have all year. We fought this morning because she asked me to clean my room and I told her I had work. Side note: never tell your mother you can’t clean your room. She will emotionally blackmail you into it and you will want to pull your hair out.

My parents and I don’t really spend a lot of time together, and it is very sad, I know. We are all working and over the weekends we are all chilling with our respective friends. It is very rare that we’ve all sat at home together and just, done something as simple as watched a movie. And now that we are all forced to be in the house, it feels very strange.

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However, that doesn’t mean we can’t relearn how to interact. For example, today my mother and I had breakfast together after god knows how long. We have a conversation about the saddest thing on earth (coronavirus, obviously). You know, now that I am thinking about it was more like she was lecturing me on the do’s and the don’ts, and I was admiring the delicious taste of my smoothie. Then she asked me about my love life and my ex-boyfriend I had to take three big sips of that smoothie to avoid telling her that her daughter has the saddest love life ever because well, boys are stupid. I didn’t think it was appropriate breakfast table conversation. But even so, it was nice.

Another example is that I totally forgot about my mother’s love of feeding me. I have never understood what the obsession she has with feeding me every hour, but I know as a child it would really piss me off. Now, working for 10 hours a day sometimes so much that we forget to eat, it’s nice to be pampered. Don’t get me wrong, it is still annoying when she asks me if I want to eat grapes five minutes after I have eaten lunch, but I wouldn’t want her to not ask me either.

Working from home might be a pain in the sense that is very tedious and boring to work all alone but it’s nice to spend some much-needed time with my parents. I think this isolate yourself at home BS comes with an upside that will allow us to learn how to interact with our parents again. Wouldn’t you agree?

PS: I love my parents but I can’t wait until we can resume our normal lives.

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