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Wondering Why #Shweta Is Trending On Social Media? It’s About A Zoom Call Gone Wrong

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I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to gossip every one and then. My best friend ensures I get all the tea and then some more. When it comes to gossiping, bitching and stalking she could give Rachel Greene a run for her money. Not unlike a certain Shweta who has been entertaining us all day long. If you are wondering who I am talking about, you aren’t as active on social media as you ought to be. Shweta is the girl whose gossip session with her friend has gone mega-viral after she failed to switch off her mic on a zoon call with 111 people. It’s absolutely hilarious. I am so glad Shweta didn’t turn off the mic, the memes that spawned from this were like a breath of fresh air.

With over 11k tweets, ‘Shweta’ was trending at the number one spot on Twitter today. The audio clip that has gone viral all over social media has not only given hundreds of memesters and trolls a purpose but it also made our day. I have listened to the clip at least 5 times and somehow, it only continues to get funnier. Whoever Shweta is, she has shot to fame in a matter of hours and all because she couldn’t resist but tell her friend about some boy and his “sex-addict” girlfriend. Only if she had remembered to switch off her mic while on a Zoom call with 111 people. Now that’s what I call a blunder of epic proportions.

Despite numerous classmates telling her that her mic is on, Shweta paid no heed. She goes on to narrate the sob story of a boy with whom she is close friends and his girlfriend who Shweta describes as a “sex-addict”. It seems like the boy has divulged a whole lot of information about his private life to Shweta including the fact that he, “makes out with his sex-addict girlfriend whenever they meet” and that they have “done it multiple times”. She goes on to say that, “He loves that girl like crazy. That girl was just using me and I didn’t even know. He was so crazy about her that she was a sex addict… he was attracted with feeling. So he also did ‘it’.” Shweta further adds that the boy too was hooked to having sex with this girl and they would do ‘it’ every time they meet.

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Is it only me or do you feel horrible for that guy right now? It’s not only those 111 people on the call but anyone and everyone with an internet connection know every detail of his sex life. And the fact that Shweta seemed absolutely unbothered by the fact that her classmates were practically screaming at her to switch off the mic only adds to the hilariousness of this video. I kept wondering how is it possible that she didn’t hear even one of her classmates?

Their pleas were falling on deaf ears. Shweta just went on and on as if she had some kind of deadly word vomit disease. I understand being extremely engrossed in a piece of hot gossip but this was really next level. Although I have to say I am very disappointed we didn’t get to hear how the story with the boy and his girlfriend ends. If I had known the secret of going viral is hot gossip, I would’ve realised everyday conversations between me and best friend a long time ago.

Soon after the video was released, ‘Shweta’ memes started flooding social media. I am sure meme makers had a golden day at work today. Check out some of our favourite ones!

I think we have all learned something from this. Always, ALWAYS, check weather your mic is switched off during a Zoom meeting. Don’t be like Shweta!

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