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Women Protestors At Shaheen Bagh Invite PM Modi To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Them To Have The ‘Talk’. It’s A Great Proposal

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14th February, the day that is universally marked to celebrate the existence and presence of love, is also one of the most hyped day of the year. With couples coming together to express their feelings for each other and honouring their love for each other, it’s what most would call ,”a day of letting love prosper”. And while we acknowledge how in the most conventional sense, the love being mentioned here is often limited to couples and partners, but considering that the current situation of the country is anything but conventional, the day has come across as an important one. Shaheen Bagh, the place where women are leading the protests, have invited PM Modi to come celebrate this day with them and peacefully address their concerns.

An act that hasn’t just left us surprised but also impressed, with the kind of patience and compassion with which the women, students and other anti-CAA protestors are willing to tackle the situation, despite the lack of understanding and efforts from the government over the recent couple of weeks.

Hoping that PM Modi would accept their invite, people from Shaheen Bagh, have also promised to serenade him with a love song and a surprise gift, which is more than what I am getting today, so maybe he should just accept it . And in total honesty, we don’t see why he shouldn’t finally address the elephant in the room rather than passing indirect remarks about it.

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Syed Taseer Ahmed, one of the protestors at Shaheen Bagh mentioned, “Whether Prime Minister Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah or anyone else, they can come and talk to us. If they can convince us that whatever is happening is not against the Constitution, we will end this protest.” They have also been saying that, “PM Modi, please come to Shaheen Bagh, collect your gift and talk to us.” And we think it was about time, and considering the day is considered the one to share love, the request couldn’t have come at a better time.

Syed also went on to remark and question how, “How is CAA going to help us tackle issues of unemployment, poverty and economic slowdown, which are the most pressing issues,” and that is perhaps an imminent concern for the revolting public as of now. The entire idea of introducing CAA, as the government had promised, was to award citizenship to refugees and not take away from the existing ones, especially if it comes at a cost of discriminating on religious grounds, which makes it unconstitutional, according to the anti-CAA protestors.

With the hashtag #tumkabaaoge trending on twitter as of now, seeking the attendance of PM Modi, here is hoping that Narendra Modi would take this step forward to address and resolve the nation wide conflict that has divided the country into two halves, and find middle ground that is in favour of all. Guess, this would be the first Valentine’s Day in the history where the stakes of a proposal of love and surrender would be so high! Let’s see if this love hate relationship the people have going with the government finds a middle ground or not.

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