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In A Shocking Abuse Of Power, Policemen Force Women To Strip And Dance In Jalgaon Hostel

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‘In case of emergency, contact the police’, say people and the government while reassuring us that police indeed does work for the people, and aims at providing a safer and crime free environment for women in this country. A statement that even though we’ve want to believe in, we can’t, mainly due to what is happening around the country. A recent incident has left us feeling especially vulnerable. Reports of police stripping women and forcing them to dance have come up and it’s quite horrifying.

This is more appalling because the very people we place our trust in, should things go wrong are the ones abusing their power. According to reports, a bunch of policemen allegedly stripped and forced the women of a hostel to dance in Jalgaon.

An issue that was addressed by Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh in the state Assembly after the issue was raised by opposition members, he has now formed a four-member high-level committee to conduct a probe into an incident.

The inmates at the hostel have been recognised as the women rescued in cases of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, domestic violence or victimized girls in cases of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act aged between 17 and 60.

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As per media reports, some girls from a hostel in Jalgaon had filed a complaint that people from outside the premise of the hostel and policemen were allowed to enter the facility on the pretext of conducting an investigation or a probe and some girls were forced to strip and dance for them. In fact, a video clip has always come up, attesting to the fact that policemen did try to harass women in the hostel.

Anil Deshmukh made a statement saying, “It is a very unfortunate incident. A four-member high-level committee of officials has been formed to conduct a probe into it… they have been asked to submit a report in two days. Action will be taken as per rules after the report is submitted.”

He further went on to clarify facts about the investigation and said, “All information about the incident is being taken. The entire video recording and other documents are sought and statements are being recorded.”

Opposition is not impressed with the delay of the interest taken into addressing this matter as the leader of the opposition stated, “Our expectation is that you take immediate action sensitively.” As is ours. It is after all, a shame that police itself would try to harass and exploit women being the protectors of the people. We are hoping for strict actions for the crimes, especially so since they have been committed by those who swore to serve for the people.

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