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Women From A Village In Shahapur Distribute Free Sanitary Pads To Migrant Workers. People Are Thinking About Women. Yay!

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If we were to think of the most difficult thing or the worst problem that we’ve had to face during this pandemic and the sudden lockdown that has been dropped on us, it would probably be a list of first world problems like running out of enough bottles of Nutella or having to spend some of our days in our perfectly comfortably homes hanging out with our friends only virtually. All the while out there in the real world, things remain to be a tad bit more serious than worrying about all of these superficial concerns. Women not having enough means to health and hygiene related products, for instance. A cause, that has recently been picked up by a bunch of women from a village in Shahapur area.

Going the extra mile and recognising the need for making essential items like sanitary pads available to women, who with the lockdown in place have lost all means to get a hold of this, a group of women from Shahapur has left all of us in awe of the kind of efforts they have been taking. Giving out these sanitary pads to female migrant workers, travelling back to their hometowns, these women have distributed almost 135 napkins and counting to the women on road.

An initiative led by a woman named Vidya Farde who is  the wife of a member of Gram Panchayat – Sharad Farde, is a home maker, but has earned herself lots of goodwill during such a difficult time with her selfless act. The couple that has been otherwise also providing food and other basic amenities to the migrant workers, who are struggling in the true sense at a time like this, have now outdone themselves by not just distributing sanitary pads, but also over 50 pairs of footwear to the women.

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When asked about their initiative and what led them to it, Vidya said, “We realised that these families have to walk miles which can take months. I brought around 100 sanitary pads and distributed them among migrants on the Nashik highway. As the stock of pads finished at the medical shop in our area, me and five of my neighbours made 35 pads using cotton and distributed it among women who took shelter near our village.”

And if this is not motivation and inspiration enough for the lot of us, who too can contribute the cause in several ways possible, from staying indoors and safe to also lending a hand in donating basic amenities to the ones in need, we don’t know what is. It is heartening to see how people have put their best foot forward during this pandemic to help people out. After all, someone was absolutely right when they said, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’!

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