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Women Break Taboos At The Mumbai Marathon By Running In Their Sports Bras

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Over the weekend, Mumbai took to the streets but not in the way you think. In the most adrenaline-pumping, fit-ready way possible. They ran the Mumbai Marathon. And while doing this, the women in the Nike Run Club shed inhibitions and hit the ground running, in just their sports bras. It wasn’t all of them, of course. But at least it’s a start. The idea behind it being extremely simple, to defy convention and break the taboos behind running in just a sports bra.

Renowned celebrity Stylist, Shaleena Nathani who also ran for the cause, told us, “This cause is important to me because I feel, we all have been at the receiving end of men passing comments or judgements. I have always believed in dressing the way I want to and that has attracted negative attention but I have always stood my ground.”

She feels, “Women really need to take what they are passionate about, something that makes them happy and just go with it. I see so many people just sticking to norms and doing things because ‘this is the age to get married’, ‘this is the age to have a child’ and ‘I can’t wear this because it’s not appropriate’. I just feel ‘just be who you are’ and you will be happy in life and for me that’s the most important thing” and we completely second her.

As for the ones who want to look their best while doing so, Shaleena tells us how running in a sports bra felt extremely stylish and liberating to her and how by going out and just doing it helps you break out of your mental block.


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