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Woman Objects To Husband Having Multiple Girlfriends. Husband Gives Her Triple Talaq

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Have you ever noticed how our society is inherently designed to oppress women? This is largely due to the patriarchal norms that we are forced to follow. Being born a man automatically puts you at an advantage and gives you privileges that women have never had. I know it all sounds extremely archaic, but even today men use patriarchal notions to protect them from facing consequences for their misogynistic ways. For instance, even though triple talaq was banned by the Supreme Court last year men find loopholes and use it to put women in extremely vulnerable situations. Just recently, an abusive man in Gujarat gave his wife triple talaq when she objected to him having girlfriends

A 28-year-old woman from Juhapura filed a police complaint against her husband. She alleged that he had been living with his two girlfriends. And when she objected to this, he gave her an instant divorce using the triple talaq method. Why is this still happening? 

In her FIR, the woman stated that her husband lives in the Fatehwadi locality and runs a laundry shop. They got married nearly 10 years ago and have two daughters together. Immediately after their marriage, he started thrashing her over trivial matters. In 2016, she filed an FIR against him for domestic abuse but had to withdraw it due to the intervention of family members and community leaders. 

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The complainant also stated that her husband began with her over petty issues again. She said that he began coming home very late and sometimes not at all. Whenever she would ask him where he’d been, he would thrash her. Further adding, the woman said that recently her husband had gone to Delhi. He returned with two girlfriends and also rented them a flat in Fatehwadi. When the complainant strongly objected to this, her husband divorced her using triple talaq. He then threw her out of the house. 

Her family members and community leaders have tried to convince him to leave his two girlfriends but there has been no avail. So, she approached the police and filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. Provisions of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act have also come into play. 

What is truly horrifying is that despite there being a strict law banning triple talaq, men still aren’t backing off from using it. It still causes so much harm to so many women. We hope that this man is held accountable for his actions.

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